Address of Guest of Honour, Dr. J.J. Bhabha, Former Chairman of the Tata...

Address of Guest of Honour, Dr. J.J. Bhabha,
Former Chairman of the Tata Institute of
Social Sciences
Chairman B.C. Deshmukh, Chief Guest Dr. Mashelkar, Fellow of the Royal So-
ciety, Director Prof. R.R. Singh, Ladies and Gentlemen.
This Quadrangle with its greenery of trees and flowers is quite a
unique meeting place for an annual Convocation. It was in this same
venue, a decade-and-a-half ago, that the Prime Minister of India, then
Rajiv Gandhi, delivered his fine Golden Jubilee Celebration Address..
The Institute's Chairmanship was then held by me and the Director-
ship by Dr. Armaity Desai.
On this auspicious occasion, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences
received appropriately the whole-hearted participation of the Gover-
nor of Maharashtra, Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma, and the Chief Minis-
ter, then Shankerrao Chavan. As recorded in the illustrated brochure
of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, headed Golden Jubilee

460 J.J. Bhabha
1936-86, seated in the first row on this memorable occasion were the
following distinguished persons: Chief Minister of Jammu and Kash-
mir, Shri Farooq Abdullah; Smt. Gore; Prof. M.S. Gore (former Di-
rector of TISS); Chairman of the Institute's Board of Holding
Trustees and Tata Group Chairman, Shri J.R.D. Tata; former Chair-
man of the Institute's Governing Board, Shri Naval H. Tata; Minister
of State for Health and Family Welfare, Smt. Saroj Khaparde; Union
Minister of Communications, Shri Arjun Singh; President,
Maharashtra Pradesh Congress (I) Committee, Smt. Prabha Rao; and
Member of Parliament and former Union Minister of State for Infor-
mation and Broadcasting, Shri N.K.P. Salve.
As so often observed by me, the importance of tradition and respect
for the related ideals and value systems should never be minimised.
Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi commenced his Inaugural Speech by
appropriately addressing some of the principal national personages
seated in the first row, 'Shanker Dayalji, Chavanji, Dr. Farooq
Abdullah, Arjun Singhji, Shri J.R.D. Tata, Shri Jamshed Bhabha, Dr.
Desai, ladies and gentlemen'. He remarked that for 50 years the Tata
Institute of Social Sciences had been a centre of excellence upholding
high education and moral standards and setting an example for others
to follow.
Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's whole speech needs to be read in
full. While stressing the importance of economic development and

Address of Guest of Honour, Dr. J.J. Bhabha... 461
the removal of poverty, he remarked that no less important was the ne-
cessity of developing the human being and that 'poverty of the body
cannot be replaced by poverty of the soul'. While expressing his
thanks for the opportunity given to him to be present on the Institute's
Fiftieth Anniversary, he concluded by expressing his best wishes for
the Institute's next 50 years.
Esteemed colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, we are looking for-
ward to the Convocation Address of Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, Director
General, Council of Scientific Research, and Secretary to the Govern-
ment of India, Department of Industrial and Scientific Research.
THE INDIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL WORK, Volume 63, Issue 3, July 2002