3 0 4 A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961 Hon. General Secretary's...
3 0 4
A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
Hon. General Secretary's Report for the
Steady progress has also been maintained
years 1960 & 1961.—I am glad to report that by the Central Office. T h e News Letter was
the Conference has completed another event-
expanded in its scope and an attempt made
ful period of two years from 1st Jan. 1960 to distribute it widely.
under the able guidance of our President,
In response to the increasing demand for
Shri B. Gopala Reddi, Minister for Works, information, the Information Service of the
Housing and Supply, Government of India. Central Office was more systematically
Condolences.—Before reporting on the organised. Many new cases were also
important events that took place during the referred by International Social Services and
period, let me mention about the sad demise with the help of the different Branches, the
of two of our revered Members who have Central Office has been able to help in this
done much to the Conference. I refer to the direction.
death of Dr. U. Krishna Rao, former Vice-
President of the Conference and Dr.
In the field of publication and research,
Anugrah Narayan Sinha, President of the the Conference has been able to complete the
Bihar State Branch. Dr. U. Krishna Rao was draft for the Pamphlet 'CAREERS IN
the Vice-President of the National Con-
SOCIAL WORK' for the Vocational Guid-
ference for some time and was the active ance Bureau of Maharashtra. T h e report on
Vice-Chairman of the Madras State Branch
of the Indian Conference of Social Work. CERTAIN TYPES OF DELINQUENCY
He was also connected with many welfare AND ITS PREVENTION' (a statistical and
activities and organisations and, may I say, analytical study) has also been submitted to
gave an impetus to the work of the Madras the Ministry of Education, Government of
State Branch of the Conference since its India.
formation. In him the Conference has lost
The Eleventh National Conference.—The
a real worker.
last National Conference was held at
In Dr. Anugrah Narayan Sinha also the Hyderabad under the Chairmanship of Shri
Conference has sustained a loss, especially the V. V. Giri, President of the Conference. A
Bihar State Branch was beholden to him for Reception Committee was formed by the
many of its activities. T h e Conference takes Andhra Pradesh Branch of the ICSW with
this opportunity to offer its heartfelt con-
Nawab Medhi Nawaz J u n g as the Chairman
dolences to the members of the bereaved and they played hosts to the Conference. T h e
Conference was unique in that it was com-
Achievements.—Now I come back to the bined with a Seminar on Urban Community
Report proper. During this period we have Development and the annual meeting of the
started new Branches, re-formed and acti-
All-India Schools of Social Work. T h e Pro-
vated the old ones. We have organised a ceedings of the Conference have already been
National Seminar on Public Co-operation for published and the Proceedings of the Seminar
Social Welfare at Chandigarh, as well as on Urban Community Development were
participated actively in the International Con-
published and sent to various Government
ference of Social Work held at Rome.
Departments and organisations.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 0 5
Shri V. V. Giri was one of the most active Working Committee :
Presidents and he was always available and
26-12-1959 . . Hyderabad
ready to help the Conference in all ways and
6- 3-1959 . . Bombay
he gave great leadership. We thank him
5- 7-1960 . . Bombay
much for all that he had done to the
11- 2-1961 . . Bombay
I wish to record the gratitude of the Indian
New office-Bearers.—According to the New Conference of Social Work to the
Constitution, election of Office-Bearers was Maharashtra State Government, for allowing
conducted at the meeting of the Central them the facility of using the committee room
Executive Committee held in Hyderabad on of Sachivalaya for holding their meetings.
27tb December 1959. T h e following were
Sub-Committees: Their Work.—The follow
elected to the various Offices:
ing Sub-Committee were appointed for
specific purposes by the Conference during
the period 1960-1961:
Shri B. Gopala Reddi
Sub-Committee appointed by the C. E. C.
Vice-Presidents :
Prof. A. R. Wadia
Smt. Zarina Currimbhoy
(1) Constitution Amendment Sub-Commi-
Shri Janki Pershad
Hon. Gen. Secretary :
(2) Sub-Committee on Questionnaires.
Smt. M. Clubwala Jadhav
(3) Standing Sub-Committee on U r b a n
Hon. Treasurers :
Community Development.
Dr. Jivraj N. Mehta
Shri P. R. Bhatt
(1) Committee for accommodation and
Shri Vasudeo Naik
housing of the Central Office including
Hon. Associate Secretaries :
Co-ordination of Social Welfare
Smt. A. Wahabuddin Ahmed
Smt. Premlata Gupta
(2) Committee on Advertisements in the
Shri Surendranath. Sen.
Programme Souvenir.
T h e slate of the office-bearers was put to
(3) Nominations Committee.
and approved by the General Body at the
(4) Standing Committee for the follow-up
meeting held on 31st December 1959.
work of the Seminar on Public
Central Executive Committee & Working
Committee Meetings.—During this biennial
(5) Committee for the Expansion of the
period, 1960-61, the Central Executive Com-
Scope and Circulation of News Letter.
mittee and the Working Committee met as
Sub-Committees appointed by the Working
Central Executive Committee :
Date Place
(1) Committee to frame rules for Library.
27-12-1959 . . Hyderabad
(2) Programme Committee.
31-12-1959 . . Hyderabad
6- 3-1960 . . Bombay
(1) Committee to consider Planning
11- 2-1961 .. Bombay
Commission Circular—Five Year Plan.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S i960 AND i 9 6 l
3 0 6
T h e Constitution . Amendment Sub-
the purpose for which they have been
Committee appointed at the Central appointed.
Executive Committee Meeting held in
Formation of New Branches and Revitali-
Hyderabad prepared a revised draft of the sing of Defunct Branches.Gujarat State
Constitution and submitted their report and Branch.—The bifurcation of the Bombay
the revised draft to the President and sent State into Maharashtra and Gujarat States
copies to the Members of the Central created an opportunity to start another
Executive Committee.
Branch of the I C S W at Ahmedabad in
T h e Standing Committee on U r b a n Gujarat. On 7th. August 1960 this Branch
Community Development prepared a report was, inaugurated and has been an active
on U r b a n Community Development which Branch since its inception. U n d e r the
was printed and despatched to concerned guidance of its President, N a w a b Mehdi
Central and State Government Departments Nawaz Jung and Dr. Jivraj Mehta, this
and Voluntary Social Welfare Organisations. Branch is very active.
A short synopsis of the report was presented
Punjab State Branch.—Under the Presi-
at a meeting of the Planning Commission on dentship of the Maharani of Patiala, the
Public Co-operation and discussed generally. Punjab State Branch was formed and under
T h e Committee for Accommodation and the able steering of social workers, the Punjab
Housing of Central Office has decided to State has earned a name for itself by
submit a Memorandum to the Government organising and conducting successfully the
of Maharashtra to utlise the amounts on hand
National Seminar on 'Public Co-operation for
with the Charity Commissioner received by Social Welfare with special reference to
him from the various Trusts for providing Third Five-Year Plan'.
accommodation for the Central Office
Orissa and Madhya Pradesh Branches.
including various other Social Welfare The Hon. Gen. Secretary was in constant
touch with Social Workers both in Orissa
T h e Central Executive Committee, at a and Madhya Pradesh as a result of which
meeting held on February 11, 1961, appointed
Ad-hoc Committees have been formed in
a Sub-Committee for obtaining advertise-
these two States. It is gratifying to report
ments for the Programme Souvenir for the that the Ad-hoc Committee formed in
1961 session of the Conference. This Madhya Pradesh has formed a Branch in
Committee is responsible for the advertise-
Indore at a meeting held on 12th September
ments in the Programme Souvenir of this and. has sent representatives to the CEC. We
wish the newly formed Branch all success.
T h e Nominations Committee appointed by
Assam Branch.—This Branch was revita-
the C. E. C. met at Madras and Trivandrum lised in Feb. 1960 and the Hon. Gen.
on 18th August 1961 and 18th September Secretary was responsible for its reformation.
1961 respectively under the Chairmanship
Kerala State Branch.—The Kerala State
of Shri V. V. Giri, Governor of Kerala and Branch was revived, largely due to the interest
has drawn up a slate of names for election of the Hon. Gen. Secretary and the efforts
for the various offices for the coming two of Mr. A, V. John and Mr. John P. Valavi.
T h e Kerala State Branch held their Annual
T h e other Sub-Committees that have been Conference in October 1960 under the
appointed were also active and have served Presidency of Shri B. Gopala Reddi,

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
President of the National Conference. T h e 100 delegates from all parts of the country
Branch is now active and has two district representing the Central and State Govern-
ments, Planning Commission, Central Social
National Seminar on Public Co-operation.— Welfare Board, Schools of Social Work and
T h e National Seminar on Public Co-
other All-India organisations attended the
operation for Social Welfare with special Seminar and participated in its proceedings
reference to the Third Five-Year Plan was and contributed to its success. T h e Seminar
held at Chandigarh from November 26— was inaugurated by Shri Gadgil, Governor of
December 1, 1960. T h e Punjab State Branch
Punjab and was presided over by Shri B.
in Co-operation with the Government of Gopala Reddi, President of the Conference.
Punjab made arrangements for the Seminar. T h e Seminar was divided into the following
This Seminar was conducted with a grant groups and was chaired by persons mentioned
from the Planning Commission. More than against each:
... Subject Chairman

I Report on Demarcation of Roles of Smt. P. P. Naidu
Government and Voluntary Agencies
Developing a pattern of recognition in
sharing financial responsibilities
II Public Co-operation in Developing Gen. K. M. Cariappa
Services in undeveloped Areas
I I I Pilot Projects on Manpower utilisation Shri Gurdial Singh Dillion
in rural areas sanctioned by the
Planning Commission for implementa-
tion in 1960-61
IV Role of Training for Personnel to m a n Dr. H. H. Aptekar
the social services
V Ways and Means of securing Govern- Smt. Violet Alva
ment Co-operation in developing
services under voluntary agencies
Useful recommendations were arrived at arranged the Seminar. O u r thanks are due
T h e Punjab State Branch spared no pains to to the Punjab Government, Shri A. L.
attend to the comforts of the delegates and Fletcher, the Director of the Seminar, Shri
all the delegates were the guests of the Punjab E. C. Pandit, the Secretary and Shri O. P.
State Branch. T h e Governor of Punjab, Mittal, Asst. Secretary. Verily Punjab has
Chief Minister Mr. Kairon and Her Highness earned a name for its hospitality by this
the Maharani of Patiala took a keen interest Seminar.
in the Seminar and the success of Seminar
The Tenth Inter national Conference of
was not a little due to them. We thank Smt. Social Work.—The Tenth International
Brar, Hon. General Secretary of the Punjab Conference of Social Work was held at Rome
Branch for the splendid way in which she from January 5th to 13th 1961. T h e National

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
Committee Report was presented at this
T h e Government of India, Ministry of
Conference. T h e Indian delegation was Education, gave a Travel Grant of Rs. 3 0 0 0 / -
restricted to four members due to stringency for Mr. K. N. George to attend this
in foreign exchange. T h e following Members Conference. T h o u g h the Government of India
were selected by Shri B. Gopal Reddi, was prepared to give grants to four schools of
President of the Conference and Dr. Jivraj social work to send their representatives to the
N. Mehta, Vice-President, International Conference, owing to the non-availability of
Conference of Social Work.
Foreign Exchange, the offer could not be
Smt. Hansa Mehta, Leader of the
A gift which took the shape of a silver tray
Smt. M. C. Jadhav, Hon. Gen. Secretary, a box with Chakkarams (coins) was presented
to the Italian National Committee on behalf
Smt. Gulestan R. Billimoria, Asst. of the I C S W .
Treasurer General of the International
At this International Conference Smt. Raj
Conference of Social Work.
K u m a r i Amrit K a u r was awarded the Rene
All the above three are Members of the Sand Award. She made an excellent speech
Permanent Committee of the International on the occasion which was appreciated by all.
Conference of Social Work, and Shri G.
A grant of Rs. 5000/- sanctioned by the
Mankodi was deputed by the Government of
Government of India for the International
Exhibition had to be returned as no foreign
Smt. M. C. Jadhav, Hon. Gen. Secretary, exchange was made available. T h o u g h India
felt that there should be a trained Social was not able to hold a stall in the
Worker among the delegates and therefore International Exhibition, thanks to the
withdrew in favour of a trained social worker Italian Consulate, Bombay, part of the
from a school of social work. Shri Gopala literature collected for the Exhibition was
Reddi, thereupon chose Shri K. N. George, despatched to Rome for the combined book
Director of the Madras School of Social Exhibit. Films on Social Welfare were also
Work, as the fourth delegate in her place. exhibited at this Exhibition.
Smt. Gulestan Billimoria could not attend
On the Permanent Committee of the
the Conference owing to her father's illness. International Conference of Social Work, as
But the delegation was strengthened by the Mrs. Hansa Mehta was elected as a Member
presence of Rev. Thomas Joseph, Prof. V. B. of the Executive Committee, Mrs. Gulestan
K a m a t h and Smt. Anand.
Billimoria, who ceased to be one of the Hon.
Smt. Hansa Mehta attended the pre-
Treasurers, was elected as a Member in her
Conference Working Group meeting also. place and therefore Mrs. Clubwala Jadhav
Shri G. Mankodi chaired the Section on and Mrs. Gulestan Billimoria are Members
'Community Development' while Shri K. N. of the Permanent Committee of the Inter-
George was the Rapporteur for the Group national Conference of Social Work.
"Curriculum for Social Work for evolving
Shifting of Central Office and Library.
T h e Central Office of the Indian Con-
T w o Thousand Five Hundred delegates ference of Social Work was shifted from 6/A,
representing about 31 countries attended this Cooperage, Bombay-1 to the present premises
Conference. There were 16 Study Groups —42, Queen's Barracks, Foreshore Road,
and six Commissions.
Bombay-1—as a temporary measure. T h e

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 0 9
Committee constituted for finding accommo-
Vocational Guidance Bureau, Government
dation for the Central Office is taking up the of Bombay. It has been now been revised
matter with the Maharashtra Government and a new draft has been -prepared containing
and is making efforts to find a permanent comprehensive details of training facilities
building for the Conference Office. Owing and employment opportunities and service
to want of accommodation, the Library has conditions from Central, State Departments
been shifted to Institute of Social Service and voluntary organisations.
(Nirmala Niketan) which kindly offered to
Development of Information Services.—The
house the same.
need for a systematic Information Service has
Staff Changes.—Kumari Zakia K h a n
been long felt and the Indian Conference of
married and left for Delhi and in her place Social Work has been trying to meet this
K u m a r i H. F. Dubash was appointed as Asst. need. It is proposed to bring uptodate
Secretary. We thank K u m . Zakia K h a n for information about Social Welfare Agencies
her sincere work and wish her happy future
in India.
News Letter.—The Quarterly News Letter
has been expanded. Besides giving news
Child Welfare Committee of Central Social
from State Branches and Central Office, it Welfare Board.—A scheme for co-ordination
now covers the following items :
of Child Welfare Agencies was forwarded to
this Committee and the Committee has been
1. Important decisions of the Central requested to examine the possibility of deve-
Executive Committee.
loping foster family care and adoption
2. News from Corporate and Institutional services, for the care and rehabilitation of
Members with special reference to new socially handicapped children, as well as study
development projects.
the question of an All-India legislation for
3. News of International events concern-
ing social work.
International Social Service.—During the
4. Development in the field of social work years 1960 and 1961, 16 new cases have been
in India with reference to Central and referred to us by International Social Service
State Government agencies and social
which were of various types—cases of
welfare bodies.
children who have suffered as a result of
5. Reports of Conference and Seminars homes broken through death, divorce and
connected with social work.
marital discords, abandoned and illegitimate
children, follow up work of adoptive parents
6. Extracts or summaries of articles and of other nationalities, cases of migration and
information of use and interests to repartriation, etc. Help in solving these cases
social workers.
has been secured chiefly through our branches.
7. List of publications and articles relating
Other Agencies like Schools of Social Work,
to Social work.
Departments of Social Welfare, the Family
We thank various Central and State Welfare Agency and the Association for
Government bodies and Social Welfare Moral and Social Hygiene have helped
Organisations for co-operating with us in us to a great degree and we offer our sincere
running this News Letter successfully.
thanks to these organisations for the very
Publications.Careers in Social Work.— valuable co-operation given to us.
T h e leaflet 'Social Work as a Career' was first
T h e International Social Service, in
prepared in 1952 at the request of the recognition of the valuable work done by the

3 1 0
Indian Conference of Social Work have Branch has been inaugurated by the Minister
given a grant of $200.
with Mrs. Shrinagesh as President.
Visits of Office-bearers.—Shri B. Gopala
Mrs. M. Clubwala Jadhav, the Hon. Gen.
Reddi, President, Indian Conference of Secretary, while she visited Greece, Finland
Social Work, has been very actively interes-
and Sweden in 1960 in connection with the
ted not only in the work of our Central Office World Conference of Girl Guides, took the
but also in the work of State Branches and opportunity to meet the representatives of
their District Branches. He loses no National Conferences of these countries and
opportunity to visit the Central Office when also visited Welfare Institutions, Juvenile
in Bombay and also during his visits to other Homes, Homes for the Aged and Hospitals
States he makes it a point to visit the State in these places.
Branches and participate in their activities.
She has attended all the meetings of the
He has visited the State Branches of Kerala, CEC and the Working Committee held at
presiding over their Conference; Madras, Bombay and has been propagating the work
participating in their activities and work and of the ICSW in all places she tours in con-
also inaugurating their Tenth Annual State nection with other work also.
Conference in August, 1961; Andhra Pradesh
Mrs. Jadhav participated in the Annual
where he visited the 'Aram Ghar' and Conference of the Kerala State Branch and
appreciated its work, and the Baroda and chaired a Section. She attended symposium
Ajmer District Branches. He also inaugura-
conducted by the Indian Institute of Public
ted the Social Welfare Week organised by Administration held in Delhi and contributed
the Maharashtra State Branch.
a Paper on 'Coordination between Govern-
As per the desire of the Central mental & Non-Governmental Organisations
Executive Committee that the Hon. Gen. in the field of Social Work.' At the Silver
Secretary should visit Branches from Jubilee Celebration of the Tata Institute of
time to time and help the Branches Social Sciences, Mrs. Jadhav represented the
in their work and revive defunct ICSW and read a Paper on "Correctional
branches and try to form new Branches in Work for Juveniles & Co-ordination" at the
the States where there are no Branches, Mrs. Symposium.
Jadhav has been touring the various States
Mrs. Jadhav also represented the ICSW at
during the period under review on requests the Conference of All India Voluntary Orga-
and trying to strengthen the Branches in the nisations in Delhi, and the meeting of the
places she visited. The following places were Social Welfare Committee of the Ministry of
visited by her in connection with the work of
Education and the meeting of the Committee
the Indian Conference of Social Work.
on Public Co-operations of the Planning
Mrs. Jadhav visited Punjab on 28-10-1959 Commission.
in connection with the formation of the
Visits of the Staff.—Kumari H. F. Dubash,
Punjab Branch, and on the next day the Assistant Secretary, visited the Mysore and
Branch was inaugurated by His Excellency Kerala State Branches and also attended the
the Governor.
Tenth Madras State Conference of Social
During Jan.-Feb. 1960 she visited West Work on behalf of the Central Office. She
Bengal and Assam in connection with the read a Paper on 'Foster Family Care Services'
work of the West Bengal Branch and under the Section on 'Non-Institutional
revitalising the Assam Branch. The Assam Services for Children' at the Conference.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S I960 AND 1961
3 1 1
Social Welfare Day.—For the year 1960, Branches, Films on Social Welfare were also
the; Central Executive Committee close the exhibited.
following theme for celebrating Social
Bombay Committee on Slum Clearance.—
Welfare D a y :
A meeting of the Bombay Committee on
Slum Clearance was held on 10th May 1961
"Inter-relationship of Government and presided over by Dr. T. R. Naravane,
Voluntary Agencies for Social Services".
Minister for Prohibition and Social Welfare,
T h e celebration of the day focussed attention Govt. of M a h a r a s h t r a and Chairman of the
on this vital subject. T h e selection of this Bombay Committee on Slum Clearance.
theme paved the way towards greater under-
Report on the short-term programme for
standing of the inter-relationship.
Housing Managers cum Community Orga-
nisers was presented. At the meeting it was
For the year 1961, the following themes decided to organise a Workshop for the Com-
were selected:
munity Organisers working in different
Welfare Agencies in Bombay and also to
1. "The Role of Voluntary Social appoint a Committee to select two slum areas
Workers for Social Welfare with and submit a scheme for their improvement.
Special Reference to III Five-Year-
Report of Dr. Sabnis.— Dr. N. S. Sabnis,
Hon. Director of the Research Project on
2. "Mobilising Resources for Social
'Impact of Social Change on certain type of
Welfare for Third Five-Year-Plan".
Delinquency and Its Prevention' has sub-
In order to discuss very important issues mitted the report to the Central Executive
raised by these subjects many public meet-
Committee on Feb. 11, 1961 and the report
ings and symposiums as well as a Social has been forwarded to the Ministry of Edu-
Welfare Week were organised by the State cation and Scientific Research.
Representations at Meetings:
T h e following Office-Bearers or Staff of the Central Office represented the
Conference at the meetings noted below :—
Attended by
1. Seminar on Youth Leadership. Orga-
Executive Secretary & Asst. Secretary.
nised by T a t a Institute of Social
Science, on 31-1-60.
2. Seminar on Correctional Administra-
K u m . Zakia K h a n .
tion. Organised by All India Crime
' Prevention Science, in Feb. 60.
3. Conference of Personnel & Welfare Shri Cama.
Officers organised by National Inst. of
Labour Management, M a r c h 18-20,
3 ( a ) Conference of Indian Institute of Mrs. M. C. Jadhav.
Public Admin., New Delhi, on 23-5-60.

3 1 2
A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
Attended by
4. First National Seminar on Lok K a r y a Smt. Roda Mistry and Shri Janki Pershad.
Kshetras ( H y d e r a b a d ) — F e b . 3-6, 1961.
3. T h e Seventh All-India Convention
(New Delhi) organised by Bharat Sevak Smt. Z. Pathek & Smt. Indira Renu.
Samaj, on April 8-10, 1961.
6. Conference of All-India Voluntary
Organisations (New Delhi) organised Smt. M. C. Jadhav.
by Ministry of C. D. & Co-operation
Govt. of India, on April 8-10, 1961.
7. T h e Committee on Child Care Code Shri P. R. Bhatt, Shri N. B. Cama and
(Bombay) organised by C. S. W. B. on
K u m . K. F. Dubash.
June 11-13, 1961.
8. Conference of Organisations working Shri Sushil Chandra.
for Children in India (Lucknow) orga-
nised by Balkan-Ji-Bari, on April 29
to M a y 1, 1961.
9. Seminar on Housing and Slums Shri N. F. Kaikobad.
(Bombay) organised by B. P. Bharat
Sevak Samaj, on April 7-10, 1961.
10. Central Committee on Pilot Project of Shri N. B. Cama.
Organising Public Co-operation for
Social and Economic Welfare Work in
Slum Areas organised by Bombay
Pradesh B. S. S.
11. Meeting of the Social Welfare Com-
M r s . M. C. Jadhav.
mittee of Ministry of Education New
12. Meeting of the Committee on Public Mrs. M. C. Jadhav.
Co-operation, New Delhi.
13. Silver Jubilee Celebrations of T a t a Mrs. M. C. Jadhav.
Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 1 3

3 1 4
Corporate Membership Fees:
Indian Council for Child Welfare,
Delhi 50-00
(1) Balkan-Ji-Bari, Bombay 50-00
Our thanks are due to the Central Govern-
(2) Guild of Service (Central)
ment, the State Governments that have given
Madras 50-00
us grants and individuals and organisations
(3) Tuberculosis Association of
that have given donations to the Indian Con-
India, Delhi 50-00
ference of Social Work. This year we
received an enhanced grant from Central
Total Rs. 150-00 Govt. and we thank them. It is hoped that
the Indian Conference of Social Work will
Life Membership Fee:
receive much encouragement from various
Governments financially.
(1) Smt. M. C. Jadhav 200-00
(2) Shri Phiroj Nogi Clubwala 200-00
Life Membership:
During the period Mrs. M. Clubwala
Total Rs. 400-00 Jadhav and Mr. P. N. Clubwala became Life
Members of the Conference by paying
Rs. 200/- each.
(1) Governments of Gujarat has sanctioned Hon. Public Relations Officer:
a grant of Rs. 2000/-.
A new post was created for the Conference
(2) Government of Uttar Pradesh has to give effective publicity to the work of the
sanctioned a grant Rs. 2000/-.
Indian Conference of Social Work and Mr.
(3) Government of Madras has sanctioned D. M. Tahil Ramani was appointed as the
a grant of Rs. 1000/- for five years Hon. Public Relations Officer. He gave very
1960-61 to 1964-65.
wide publicity to the proceedings of the last
(4) Government of Mysore has sanctioned Conference held at Hyderabad and ever
a grant of Rs. 1,000/- for five years since he has been helping the Conference in
1959-60 to 1963-64.
this field. Our thanks are due to him.

Activities of the State Branches of the time short-term training courses for social
ICSW.—The Indian Conference of Social workers.
Work has State Branches in Andhra Pradesh,
At present the Andhra Pradesh Branch has
Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Kerala, Madhya undertaken a very useful Project for the
Pradesh, Madras, Maharashtra, Mysore, employment of women in financial need. The
Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh depressing and difficult problem of these
and West Bengal. The State Branches have women has been tackled by the Andhra
organised Conferences, Seminars and Pradesh Branch. The State Government of
Symposiums and some Branches have orga-
Andhra Pradesh has decided, we understand,
nised Training courses for Social Work.
to entrust the scheme of providing employ-
Research Projects have been undertaken ment to needy women to the A. P. Branch.
by various State Branches, such as the one Employment has been provided by organis-
completed by the U. P. Branch of the ICSW ing schemes of cottage industries, home
for the Uttar Pradesh Government on industries and crafts. To this end, the Gov-
'Causes of Destitution among Children in ernment had sanctioned a sum of
Nagpur'. The Madras School of Social Work Rs. 1,00,000/- in 1959 and a further grant
run under the auspices of the Madras State of Rs. 1,00,000/- has been sanctioned in the
Branch of the Indian Conference of Social year 1960. As a result, a number of Training
Work which conducted a Survey on 'Beggar cum Work Production Centres have been
Problem in Madras City' submitted its report functioning effectively in Andhra Pradesh.
to the Research Programmes Committee of
In the field of Mental Health, the Juvenile
the Planning Commission which has publish-
Guidance Bureau of the Madras State
ed the Report. The Report was well Branch has been doing useful work and fills
appreciated both by the Press and the Public. a gap in the social service provided in the
It has also conducted a Survey of Juvenile city. Branches are also engaged in many
Delinquency in the Slums of Madras and has other fields of social work, such as family and
submitted a Report to the Ministry of Edu-
child welfare. Family Planning Centres,
cation, Government of India for its approval Child Welfare Centres and Balwadis have
and publication. The Maharashtra State been organised chiefly at district level. Urban
Branch is conducting at present a research Welfare Projects have been undertaken by
project on "Follow up Study of Institu-
Madras and West Bengal Branches, in co-
tionalised Women in Bombay City" with a operation with the Central Social Welfare
view to determining whether their adjust-
Board, while the Maharashtra Branch is
ment has been effective.
planning to organise an urban community
The Madras State Branch of the Indian development project in co-operation with the
Conference of Social Work has been very Bombay Municipal Corporation. The Bihar
active and under its auspices the Madras Branch has been active in launching a
School of Social Work for training profes-
cleanliness drive in Patna and has been
sional social workers is run. It has also a negotiating with the State Government for
Juvenile Guidance Bureau run under its starting an After-Care Association. Relief
auspices and has undertaken a Pilot Welfare work has also been undertaken, especially by
Extension Project in Chetput Thangal to the Assam and Madras Branches. The newly
afford welfare amenities to slum dwellers. formed Branch of Gujarat State has formed
The Guild of Service and the Madras School many District Branches, which have been
of Social Work have conducted from time to active in educating public opinion on social

3 1 6
A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
problems. T h e Kerala State Branch has been I I I . Non-Institutional Services for Child-
successful in securing grants from the Central
Social Welfare Board for its many affiliated
institutions and given them guidance. T h e
(a) Scope and Requirements of Adop-
Mysore State Branch has, under its auspices,
tion services.
Bal Vihar Mandal, a welfare centre for the
benefit of children in slum areas. T h e
(b) Requirements for Development of
Rajasthan Branch has rendered some assist-
Foster Home (Family Care Pro-
ance towards medical relief. I am glad to
grammes in India.
report that all the Branches have been very
(c) Foster Care Programmes for
active during the period.
Children in Institutions.
The Twelfth Session of the Conference.— I V . International Resources for Social
T h e Twelfth Session of the Indian Con-
ference of Social Work will be held in Delhi
from October 6-9, 1961. T h e T h e m e of the
Session is "New Frontiers of Social Welfare"
(a) Role of United Nations in mobiliz-
and the programme is as follows:
ing resources for social Welfare
(b) Role of U N I C E F for mobilizing
I. National Social Service for Youth.
Resources for Social Welfare
(a) National Social Service as a
.(c) Role of Technical Co-operation
means of promoting Youth Leader-
Mission for developing resources
ship and Discipline.
for Social Welfare Needs.
(b) Co-ordination and Integration of
(d) Role of International Voluntary
Youth Organisations with special
Effort for meeting Social Welfare
reference to Programme and
(c) National Social Service—Its I m -
pact on Education of Students.
I. Workers' Education.
(d) National Social Service—Should I I . Community Education for Family
it be compulsory or Voluntary?
(e) Role of Voluntary Social Ser-
vice Organisations in promoting
I. Development of Cadre of Social
National Social Service for Youth.
I I . New Social Welfare Programmes in
I I . Broad Criteria and Methods for Pro-
the I I I Five Year Plan.
gramme Evaluation of Social Welfare
(a) U r b a n Community Development Acknowledgements:
Special Needs and Characters.
Finally, before laying down my office as
(b) Welfare Programmes under Pan-
Hon. General Secretary of the National Con-
chayati R a j .
ference, I wish to offer my grateful thanks to

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 1 7
all those who have given us support,
I must also thank the business houses for
encouragement and assistance in our work.
their generous donations; Messrs. P.
Hansotia, our Hon. Auditors for auditing our
First for all, let me thank Shri V. V. Giri, accounts; Shri M. J. Guzder, our constitu-
our past President and Chairman of the tional Referee, for his advice and various
Nominations Committee. Earlier in my Office-Bearers and Members of the Working
report I have thanked him for the valuable Committee and the Central Executive Com-
assistance he gave to the Conference as mittee for their active support to the work of
President. I am just referring to him now as the Conference. I must particularly thank
Chairman of Nominations Committee. In Mr. P. R. Bhatt, our Hon. Treasurer for all
spite of heavy and responsible work, he has his help.
found time to chair the meeting of the
Nominations Committee once in Madras and
I have to make special mention of Mrs.
another time at Trivandrum. We are very Wahabuddin Ahmed, Hon. Associate
thankful to him for his valuable assistance. Secretary. She, being a resident of Bombay,
We also thank Mrs. Hansa Mehta, Mrs. has always attended the Central Office and
H. P. Krishnamurthi and Col. N. Vasudeva guided the people there in their work. She
Rao, Members of the Nominations Com-
has also been responsible for the advertise-
mittee who attended one of the meetings of ments in the Programme Brochure that we
the Nominations Committee and helped in its have published for this Conference. We
thank her for her hard work.
T h e n comes Mr. B. Gopala Reddi, our
A word about Mr. Sutendranath Sen. Mr.
active President. He has been a pillar of Sen, in his silent way, has helped the Con-
support to the Conference and his valuable ference and we thank him.
guidance was of great help to us. As
Hon. Gen. Secretary, I personally thank Mr.
Finally I will be failing in my duty if I do
B. Gopala Reddi for all the help and guidance
not thank Shri N. B. Cama, our Executive
he gave me.
Secretary, K u m a r i H. F. Dubash and the
. Dr. Jivraj Mehta, our Hon. Treasurer has Central Office Staff for their devoted work
been watching with interest the activities of and co-operation.
the ICSW and has helped the Conference to
I close this Report with a fervent prayer
obtain grants from various Governments. We to God to give strength to all those connected
thank him for his abiding interest in the with the Indian Conference of Social Work
so that the activities of the Conference might
T h e Central Government and State Gov-
thrive in the years to come.
ernments have given us liberal annual grants
and I take this opportunity to thank them for
M A R Y C L U B V A L A J A D H A V ,
their interest in voluntary social work.
Hon. General Secretary.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 1 8
T h e Assam State Branch of the Indian Indian Artillery Regiment was a real treat
Conference of Social Work which h a d been for the boys. T h e Tribal dances and film
defunct for sometime was revived and shows were also very popular. T h e children
reconstituted in February, 1960 with enjoyed scrambling from one place of
Shrimati Rajkumari Shrinagesh as its entertainment to another, on the spacious
President. T h e inauguration ceremony was lawns t h a t were punctuated by tastefully
performed by Shri B. P. Chaliha, the State decorated Refreshment stalls.
Chief Minister on the 24th February 1961,
Another pleasant feature of the Children's
amidst a large and distinguished gathering Fun Fair was that it turned to be a social
which included General S. M. Shrinagesh, "Get Together" for the large number of
Governor of Assam, Shri Fakhruddin Ali parents who attended the Fun Fair.
Ahmed, Finance Minister, Assam and others.
T h e business side of the F u n Fair was
Shrimati Rajkumari Shrinagesh in her also satisfactory considering that no charges
opening speech gave a resume of the activities were made for any of the entertainments.
of the Conference and requested the Altogether Rs. 2,502.02 were collected. The
Governor and the Chief Minister for their expenditure came to Rs. 792.56 nP. Thus
full support and hoped that all voluntary there was a saving of Rs. 1,709.46 nP. Out
agencies interested in the social welfare of this, a' sum of Rs. 250/- was donated to
would help the Conference in its welfare the Chief Minister's Relief Fund for the
activities in the State.
sufferers of Mizo Districts and another sum
Children's Fun Fair—1960
of Rs. 2 0 0 / - was given to the Relief Com-
O n e of the first enterprises undertaken mittee, I.C.S.W., Assam State Branch. T h e
under the aegis of the Indian Conference of balance amount of Rs. 1,250.46 nP. was
Social Work, Assam State Branch, Shillong given to the Indian Conference of Social
was a Children's F u n Fair. T h e F u n Fair Work, Assam State Branch.
Committee decided to have its first venture
on a modest scale and on a "no cost" basis.
T h e Fun Fair Committee decided to
donate Rs. 5 0 / - to the Police Welfare Centre
T h e Children's Fun Fair was opened by out of the saving.
the Governor on the 9th April 1960 and was
a great success. T h e F u n Fair was held, by Report of the Relief Committee:
the kindness of the Governor, on the
Relief work being one of the objectives
picturesque grounds of the Raj Bhavan, of the Indian Conference of Social Work,
overlooking the beautiful Ward Lake. A small Assam State Branch, Shrimati Rajkumari
entrance fee was charged and all other enter-
Shrinagesh called a meeting on the 11th
tainments were free. A Jeep with a number of
August, 1960, to form a Relief Committee.
trailers temporarily converted into a Toy She explained to the members that in view
T r a i n , looked fascinating and greatly of the disturbances in the State over the
attracted the children. Riding on fine big language issue, a Relief Committee should be
horses provided by the M o u n t a i n Region formed to render help to the distressed

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 1 9
people of the State. At this meeting a Relief
Ahmed, decided to have the Fair on a larger
Committee was constituted with Shrimati scale than last year, as the favourable
Rajkumari Shrinagesh as its President.
response of last year promised its success. It
Immediately after the Relief Committee was therefore decided to have the Fun Fair
was formed, it got down to work with great
at the Garrison Ground which was made
zeal and it was remarkable that within a available by the courtesy of Lt. General
short time of three weeks, the Committee U m r a o Sing, the Corps Commander.
members made 8,000 garments such as shorts,
T h e Garrison Ground with its attractive
shirts, frocks, blouses, sarees, shawls, blankets
surroundings proved an ideal venue for the
and pull-over. Large parcels of these were lavish Fun Fair organised this year.
made by the members and sent to various
There were large number of games for
refugee camps in different districts for entertainment. To mention a few, Lucky
distribution. Besides, the Committee collected Dip, Skittles, Coconut Shri, Ringing the
many hundreds of serviceable old clothes Ducks, Ringing the Bottles, Blushing Dolls,
that were sent to the refugee camps.
etc., were some of the items. A jeep with its
Floods are a recurring feature in Assam trailer beautifully disguised and aptly
and the Relief Committee members made described as a 'Space Train' provided for the
and despatched over three thousand clothes children travels into outer space from the
for people affected by floods in 1960.
earth to Mars, Venus and the Moon.
Assam seems to be having one calamity
Five very attractive Lucky prizes on
after another with the result that the display were donated by the following: —
members of the Relief Committee have been
(1) A Coffee Table with embroidered
kept under constant pressure of work such
T o p , by Shrimati Shrinagesh.
as cutting, sewing, stitching clothes and
(2) A T r i p u r a Bamboo Table L a m p and
knitting pull-overs.
an Air Travel suit case by R a n i
Ladies from all sections in Shillong are
Saheba of Bogoribari.
working enthusiastically and are co-operating
(3) A football and a doll by Shrimati
to make the newly constituted Relief Com-
H i r a Bai.
mittee of the Indian Conference of Social
Work, an effective and earnest organisation.
These prizes were won by children who
competed at the Musical Chairs which
This Relief Committee will be a perma-
greatly added to the children's fun.
nent one.
Total receipts and expenditure of the
T h e stall of the Ladies Talents Club was
Relief Committee from August 1960 to June well displayed. Shri Chaliha, the Chief
1961 including Fun Fair collections are Minister bought a Fire Screen artistically
Rs. 32,583/- and Rs. 25,009/- respectively. made with painted shells by Mrs. Bubesh
Report of the Fun Fair Committee:
T h e Refreshment Stalls were most attrac-
A Fun Fair was organised again this year tively decorated and stocked with delicious
under the aegis of the Indian Conference of eats and drinks.
Social Work, Assam State Branch, on the
T h e F u n Fair was inaugurated by the
6th M a y , 1961.
Governor, General S. M. Shrinagesh at
T h e Fun Fair Committee, under the 2 p.m. T h e Governor, General Shrinagesh,
Chairmanship of Mrs. Fakhruddin Ali Shrimati Shrinagesh, the Chief Minister,

3 2 0
A N N U A L R E P O R T S i960 AND 1961
Shri Chaliha, the Finance Minister, Shri
Honorary Associate Secretaries:
Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and other officials
1. Smt. M u n i r Zuhrie
and non-officials were taken round the stalls
2. Smt. Sarup Nehru
by the President of the Fun Fair Committee,
Shrimati Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed. They all Amelioration of Unemployed Women:
tried their skill at most of the games and
T h e distressing and difficult problem of
ended up by having their fortunes told at unemployment particularly among women
the Fortune Teller's Tent.
in the twin cities has been taken up by the
Soon after the inauguration, the pace of Government in the Social Welfare Ministry
the F u n Fair swung to a swift tempo of through the agency of the Indian Con-
gaiety and fun. T h e day which was earlier ference of Social Work. An earnest effort
much to the apprehension of the organisers, has been made through several schemes to
threatened with dark and lowering clouds, ease the situation.
cleared up to the w a r m glow of the evening
T h e Government, after careful consider-
sun. T h e laughter and screams of the happy
ation of the problem, decided to combat it
children, the chugging space train and bag-
by organising schemes of Cottage Industries,
pipe music of the Police band made the Home Industries and Crafts. To this end
atmosphere inducive and catchy for a light they sanctioned a sum of Rs. 1,00,000/- in
and gay mood.
1959 and decided on the I C S W as the
T h e total amount collected by the F u n agency best suited for implementing these
Fair organisers was Rs. 7,360.74 n P . After schemes. T h e I C S W has implemented the
deducting all expenses a net profit of schemes in the spirit of the Government
Rs. 5,675.62 n P . was made which has been directive and with the further grant of
given to the Relief Committee of the Indian Rs. 1,00,000/- in the year 1960 has orga-
Conference of Social Work, Assam State nised a number of training-cum-work and
production centres t h a t are functioning
effectively in the twin cities, and through
T h e organisers of the F u n Fair m a y well them has helped several hundreds of women
be proud of the success of their enterprise to avail themselves of the training facilities
and take this as the spring board for then-
and employment opportunities offered by
undertaking other activities.
these work centres. It is hoped that with the
support of the Social Welfare Ministry of
the Government of A n d h r a Pradesh an
' Names of the Office-bearers:
amount of Rs. 3,00,000/- m a y soon be
placed at the disposal of the I C S W for the
Shri P. V. G. Raju
continuance and expansion of existing units.
The Women's Employment Scheme and
1. Smt. Roda Mistry
other centres of I C S W have tried to create
2. Shri Vasudeo Krishnajee Naik
opportunities of employment for women
3. Shri K. R. Nandagopal
whose environments preclude their taking
advantage of normal facilities generally
Honorary General Secretary:
available for earning a livelihood. T h e
Shri Janki Pershad
Schemes are designed to instil a feeling of self-
Honorary Treasurer:
respect, self-reliance and the correct attitude
. .. Shri A. H. Venkat Rao
towards the dignity of labour.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 2 1
Aram Ghar.—The ICSW continued to Highlights of the Year:
manage the Aram Ghar (Home for the
Social Welfare Day, 1960, was celebrated at
Disabled). Aram Ghar celebrated its third the office premises on February 20 with a
anniversary on October 2, 1960, with a public meeting. Shri D. Sanjivayya, Chief
pleasant function on the premises of the Minister of Andhra Pradesh, presided over
Home. Smt. Lalita Sachar was the Chief the meeting at which many prominent
Guest on this occasion and paid glowing dignitaries of the twin cities were present.
tributes to Smt. R o d a Mistry and her band
T h e May Time Madness Ball held at the
of voluntary workers. Over 120 disabled Chinese Gardens, on May 14, 1960, was a
inmates are taking advantage of the shelter, grand success. The money collected on this
care and loving attention given at Aram occasion was divided between the Niloufer
Ghar. T h e new Working Committee has Hospital Nurses' Fund and the Indian Con-
shown a great deal of enthusiasm, and con-
ference of Social Work, Andhra Pradesh
stant efforts are being made to make the Branch.
Aram Ghar a really ideal Institution.
T h e I C S W arranged an Exhibition is con-
Wards.—There are over 30 Wards of the nection with the Plan Publicity Celebrations,
ICSW in the twin cities. Most of the Wards held under the auspices of the Women's
are lively, enthusiastic and are proving to be Welfare Department. All aspects of the work
of real value to the localities which they done by the ICSW were depicted through
serve. Several of the Wards have opened charts, models and tableaus.
Night Schools for adults and Nursery Schools Independence Day, 1960.
for the destitute children of the Wards.
Some of the Wards have regular milk
T h e Indian Conference of Social Work,
distribution Centres. Milk powder is a gift distributed 2,000 packets of sweets to over
from the people of America to the people of 40 institutions including hospitals and
India received through the Catholic Relief orphanages on Independence Day. This is a
Services. These Wards distribute milk to the yearly tradition which is very much
needy and poor in liquid form. Special appreciated.
thanks are due to Shri Mohd. Sultan, Chief
Children's Day, November 14, 1960, was
Convenor of Hyderabad Wards and to Shri celebrated by Grand Mass Rally and
V. G. Panvalkar, Chief Convener of Physical Display. A Mela for the children
Secunderabad Wards for their unstinted was also organised. The ICSW contributed
to this celebration by giving sweetened milk
District Branches of the I C S W in Chittoor, to over 2,000 children who attended the
Kakinada, Elluru, Guntur, Nizamabad, function.
Rajahmundry, Srikakulam, Mahbubnagar
Visitors during the Year.—We were happy
and Warangal have tackled problems pertain-
to welcome Mr. Donald Wilson, Secretary-
ing to Youth Welfare, Tribal Welfare, General of the International Society of
Adult Education, Flood Relief, Hospital Cripples, Mr. T. I. Mubarak, an Officer of
Welfare, Slum Clearance, the opening of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government
Recreation Centres and Youth Hostels, and of Iraq, and Smt. Indira Bhatt, Honorary
the Eradication of Untouchability. T h e General Secretary, ICSW, Gujarat Branch.
Nizamabad Branch has collected over These visitors were taken to several social
Rs. 10,000/- to open a Convent Type agencies in the city. They very much
Primary School.
appreciated the work done here. A group

3 2 2
A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
from the Faculty of M. S. University of
(iii) helping the implementation of the
Baroda and a group from the Village Block
Government schemes by acting in an
Development also visited the ICSW.
advisory capacity;
(iv) it would also be possible for some
Medicines.—The I C S W has supplied
voluntary agencies that have establish-
medicines to over 200 poor individuals suffer-
ed standing in a specific welfare field
ing from T.B., expectant mothers and ailing
to implement projects on behalf of the
Government; and
The Eleventh National Session of the
(v) voluntary agencies could play an
Indian Conference of Social Work, was held
important part in creating com-
at Hyderabad, from December 27 to 31, 1959.
munity awareness of needs and con-
T h e Andhra Pradesh Branch of the Indian
sciousness of a higher standard of
Conference of Social Work, played host to
over 500 delegates, observers, and visitors
from all over the country. Subjects of great
T h e ICSW Andhra Pradesh Branch has
importance to the field of social welfare were tried this past year to live up to the high
studied, discussed and lectured upon by traditions and ideals adhered to by the
eminent experts. At the sectional meetings, founders.
meetings of the panels and workshops,
T h e branch has had a record of progress
certain recommendations were made. These and achievements. It is hoped that with the
recommendations were embodied in the untiring efforts of the New Executive Com-
Special Number of the Indian Journal of mittee under the inspiring Leadership of our
Social Work.
New President and with the full support of
our Minister for Social Welfare, the I C S W
A few extracts from the Sub-Committee on Andhra Pradesh Branch will march onwards
"Public Co-operation in the Third Five-Year with exemplary achievements.
Plan in Social Welfare", are worth mention-
ing. T h e Chairman of the Committee was
H e r Highness the Maharani of Patiala and Names of the Office-bearers:
the recommendations have a direct bearing
on the Theme for this year.
President—Pandit Binodanand Jha.
Secretary—Shri Nagendra Narain Sinha.
Role of Voluntary Effort.—The Com-
No. of District Branches:
mittee felt that voluntary agencies could play
an important part in the following areas:
1. Darbhanga.
2. Muzaffarpur.
(i) filling gaps in the existing welfare
3. Barh ( P a t n a ) .
services; breaking new ground, 4. Bhagalpur.
establishing the need for new services,
undertaking pilot and pioneering Total Income of 1960-61: Rs. 9,349-58.
Total Expenditure of 1960-61: Rs. 1,834-23.
Paid Staff: Shri C. Mallik (Part-time typist).
(ii) undertaking research and surveys in Total Membership: 19.
areas where the extent and the nature
of social problems had to be ascertain-
ed; also undertaking training pro-
April, 1960.—The Secretary of the Bihar
grammes to man the various welfare Branch of the Indian Conference of Social
Work participated in the activities of the

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural
He also presided over a public meeting on
the 9th October at Paliganj (Patna) to
focuss public opinion on the removal of un-
May, I960.—The Bihar State Branch touchability.
worked for the Seminar on Sanitation of
Patna in collaboration with Bharat Sevak
November, 1960.—Shri N. N. Sinha toured
North Bihar (Chapra, Motihari, Muzaffarpur,
Darbhanga, Barauni, Monghyr and Patna)
June, 1960.—The Secretary visited Assam from the 15th to the 22nd November 1960
and toured in the interior for 4 days to study along with Prof. N. R. Malkani, M.P. to
the condition of the Assamese.
study the conditions of sweepers and
July, 1960.—The Bihar Branch of the scavengers employed in the Municipalities.
Indian Conference of Social Work has started
He participated in the Seminar on the
negotiation with the State Government for Public Co-operation for social welfare with
starting an After-Care Association for Bihar special reference to the . Third Plan at
with headquarters at Patna.
August, 1960.—The Bihar State Branch
December, 1960.—A Bihar State Branch of
invited the local Sarvodaya Mandal consist-
the Crime Prevention Society (under the
ing of about 20 members for a discussion and
auspices of the Indian Conference of Social
dinner in order to establish closer contact for Work) was inaugurated by Shri Paripurna-
pushing up Social Welfare activities.
nand Varma, Chairman, A.I. Crime Preven-
tion Society on the 6th December, 1960 at
In order to launch a cleanliness drive for Patna.
Patna a Sub-Committee was formed with the
undersigned as its convenor and representa-
T h e Hon. Secretary attended the Jati
tives of the Bihar Bharat Sevak Samaj, Vinash meeting organised on the 11th
Gandhi National Memorial Trust, Patna December 1960 at Patna.
Municipal Corporation, Bihar Medical Asso-
January, 1961.—Shri N. N. Sinha,
ciation, etc., as members.
Secretary, Bihar State Branch of the Indian
September, 1960.—Members of the Cleaner Conference of Social Work, welcomed Shri
Patna Drive headed by the Hon. Secretary, Vinobaji at Bodh Gaya and also welcomed
Shri Sinha waited upon the Mayor of the him in a brief speech suited to the occasion.
Patna Municipal Corporation, when the
Shri Sinha also organised a 5 day Seminar
Chief Executive Officer was also present and on Removal of Untouchability at Bodh Gaya.
placed before him a scheme for the cleanli-
February, 1961.—The Bihar State Branch
ness of Patna with special emphasis on of the Indian Conference of Social Work
scavenging work. T h e Mayor gave a patient participated in the First National Seminar on
hearing and promised to give sympathetic Lok Karya Kshetra organised by the Bharat
consideration to the proposals.
Sevak Samaj in February 1961 at Hyderabad.
October, 1960.—The Hon. Secretary, Shri Shri N. N. Sinha, Secretary of the branch
Sinha presided over the birth anniversary represented Bihar Branch.
meeting of the late Dr. Annie Besant on the
Shri N. N. Sinha, Secretary, Bihar Branch
1st October 1960 at Patna and participated attended the Executive Committee meeting
in the Gandhi Jayanti meeting on the of the Indian Conference of Social Work held
2nd October, 1960,
in February, 1961 at Bombay.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
March, 1961.—The Bihar State Branch of of the Delhi School of Social Work.
the Indian Conference of Social Work gave Dr. Aptekar of the Council of Social Work
a grand reception to Pandit Binodanand Jha, Education, T.C.M., U.S.A. helped in plan-
Chairman, Indian Conference of Social Work,
ning it. Inaugurated by Shriman Narayan
Bihar State Branch on his elevation as the Aggarwal, Member of the Planning Com-
Chief Minister of Bihar.
mission, the seminar was well attended by
individuals and representatives of the
Shri N. N. Sinha, Secretary, Bihar State institutions.
Branch welcomed him in a brief speech.
Thereafter Shri V. P. Varma, Speaker, Bihar
On the 15th October 1960, the Medical
Legislative Assembly—an old Social worker Social Work Sub-Committee of our Branch
spoke on the occasion.
arranged a talk on "Integration of Family
Planning in the Material and Child Health
Thereafter representatives of about 2 dozen Programme' by Lt.-Col. Raina, Director,
social work organisations of repute paid their Family Planning at the Lady Hardinge
tributes to the Chief Minister who replied College. It was attended by maternity and
suitably encouraging the social workers and child welfare and family planning workers.
pledging to work honestly and faithfully in
the discharge of his duties.
Member-organisations as well as individual
members of the Branch helped in organising
Shri N. N. Sinha, Secretary, Bihar State outings for small batches of children from
Branch of the Indian Conference of Social the Children's Home and the Certified
Work, distributed Bhoodan Patras—docu-
School for Girls of the Delhi Administration
ment of rights—on a total of 63 acres of during Divali. In all 63 boys and 11 girls
cultivable lands to 57 persons of 7 villages at were taken out to places of interest or
a function at J h u m r i Tilaiya in the district entertained in homes. This programme was
of Hazaribagh (Bihar) organised by the very much appreciated by the authorities
Bihar Sarvodaya Mandal.
of the institutions and thoroughly enjoyed
by the children.
On 5th November 1960 a discussion on
"Public Co-operation in the field of Social
T h e elections of the Branch took place on Welfare" was held under the chairmanship
September 11, 1960 when Smt. M a n Mohini of Shri B. Chatterjee, Director, Urban
Sahgal was re-elected President and Shri Community Development at the National
P a d a m Chand, K u m a r i Premvati T h a p a r Y.W.C.A. Hall when Shri H. K. D. Tandon
and Shri D. V. Kulkarni were elected Vice-
and Baid N a t h Singh of the Public Co-
Presidents. At the Executive Committee operation Division, Planning Commission
meeting, Smt. Indira Renu was re-elected and Shri Chakradhari Agarwal of the Bharat
Hon. Secretary and Smt. K u n t i Sondhi, Sewak Samaj spoke. This programme was
Hon. Treasurer.
organised in order to acquaint member-
organisations with the scheme on Public
Apart, from the general meeting, the whole
day was devoted to a seminar on 'Staff
On Thursday, J a n u a r y 24, 1961 Dr. R a l p h
Requirements of Welfare Agencies and Blanchard, formerly Executive Director,
Institutions in Delhi'. T h e seminar was United Community Funds and Councils of
organised in co-operation with the faculty America was invited to speak on "Techniques

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 2 5
of fund raising". This meeting was also well
Social Welfare Day, February 20th, 1961,
was celebrated by arranging the Second
The District Branches are expected to
Basrurkar Memorial Lecture on that remit a total of Rs. 347.00 by the end
evening. T h e Speaker, Smt. Durgabai of August.
Deshmukh, discussed the role of voluntary
The State Branch has enrolled 74 indivi-
social workers in the T h i r d Five-Year Plan. dual members and 17 institutional members.
Dr. B. Gopala Reddy was in the chair. The
project of setting up a Volunteers Exchange
As yet we have not employed any
Bureau on which considerable work had paid staff.
been done earlier had to be given up due to Activities:
lack of funds and staff.
The Gujarat State Branch of the Indian
Conference of Social Work organised a
public meeting on the Social Welfare Day
with Smt. Hansaben Mehta in the Chair.
The subject was "The Role of Voluntary
Social Workers for Social Welfare with
His Excellency N a w a b Mehdi Nawaz special reference to Third Five Year Plan."
Jung, the Governor of Gujarat.
On the 24th of June 1961 a public meeting
was organised under the joint auspices of
Shrimati Hansaben M e h t a
the Gujarat State Branch, Jyoti Sangh, All
Shrimati Saraladevi Sarabhai
India Women's Conference, Ahmedabad
Shrimati Pushpaben Mehta.
Branch, All India Women's Conference,
Sabarmati Branch, Vikas Griha, Ananth-
Shri Chinubhai Chimanlal, Ahmedabad ashram, Moral and Social Hygiene Asso-
Shri M. D. Purohit, Baroda.
ciation and Samaj Kalyan Sangh to discuss
the steps that should be taken to make the
Hon. General Secretary:
existing act of child marriage more effective.
Shrimati I n d i r a Bhatt.
It was decided to invite suggestions for the
Joint Secretaries:
same, prepare a memorandum and send it
Shri K. P. Shah, J a m n a g a r
to the Gujarat Government. The meeting
Shrimati Kamalaben Desai, Baroda.
was presided over by Smt. Hansaben Mehta
and a number of well-known social workers
Hon. Assistant Secretary:
of the city discussed the subject. The meet-
Smt. Sita Jashpal Singh.
ing was well attended by an audience much
Total Membership:
interested in the problem.
Baroda, Jamnagar, Rajkot District
Branches and Mithapur City Branch existed
Total Income and Expenditure from the even before the Gujarat State Branch was
1th August 1960, the inauguration day formed. Now we have District Branches also
of the State Branch, upto the end of in Broach, Surat, Junagadh, Surendranagar,
July 1961:
Ahmedabad (excluding Ahmedabad city),

3 2 6
Amreli, Mehsana, Dang, Kaira, Sabarkantha
A meeting of various social workers
and Kutch.
operating in the field of child welfare in the
city met on January, the 21st and discussed
T h e Gujarat State Branch received an their programmes and problems in order to
inquiry from the International Social Service, acquaint the public with matters relating to
Geneva, with regard to a family of Amreli. the child welfare field. The Superintendents
It was the case of an Indo-American couple of the Remand Home, the Certified schools,
living in the U.S.A. T h e case was dealt with the Blind School and the Arya Kumar Shala,
personally by the Hon. General Secretary of participated in the discussion. A sub-
the State Branch and a report has been made. committee was formed to look into the
T h e State Branch has been referred to by Mental Health programmes of these
a school teacher from Chavand, a small institutions.
place in Saurashtra, regarding a young girl of
T h e Baroda District Branch has published
18, a case of retarded mental development. a Directory of Social Welfare agencies of the
T h e father wishes to put the girl in some sort city on the Social Welfare Day.
of an institution where she can be taken care
of. We are trying to get help from the Inter-
His Excellency N a w a b Mehdi Nawaz
national Social Service Organisation.
Jung, the Governor of Gujarat, who is the
President of the Gujarat State Branch
The Baroda District Branch arranged a interviewed the members of the Baroda
social gathering of all the social service District, on the 10th April 1961. He made
agencies in the city. A discussion meeting on the following suggestions:
"family planning" was arranged which was
followed by a film show comprising three
1. Wherever there is a training institution
films on the same subject. T h e District for professional social workers, it should join
Branch is collecting a social welfare fund to hands with the District Branch and offer
help needy patients from time to time.
short term and refresher courses for ex-
perienced and voluntary workers in the field.
T h e Branch celebrated the social welfare
day under the presidentship of Smt. Saralaben
2. Wherever there is such an institution,
Mehta, the President of the Baroda District individuals of the staff should visit the
Branch. It was a well-attended meeting. various branches of the Indian Conference
Shri I. S. Kansal of the Railway Staff College of Social Work, study the organisation and
described the objective and purpose of the functioning of the branch and submit a report
social welfare fund and appealed to the suggesting ways of improvement.
citizens to contribute liberally to this fund. A
The Mithapur City Branch is progressing
pretty good sum was collected on the spot.
very well. It has taken over the publicity
Another sub-committee has been formed work for the "Eye-Bank" which is run at
by the District Branch which has been issuing Mithapur. T h e Branch raised an "Eye-camp-
appeals to the various pharmaceutical con-
fund" with an intention of giving financial
cerns for help. A Drug Bank has been built relief to needy patients. T h e Branch has been
up through the effort of the student social able to collect a sizeable amount for the fund.
workers of the Faculty of Social Work of
The Broach District Branch which was in
the M.S. University of Baroda. These a latent condition since January 1957 has
students have collected samples from the been revived on the Social Welfare Day, the
leading physicians in the city.
celebration of the day being observed under

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 2 7
the presidentship of His Excellency Nawab arranged on the 4th M a r c h 1961. T h e
Mehdi Nawaz Jung, the Governor of Gujarat, meeting was addressed by Smt. Hansaben
the President of the State Branch.
Mehta, Vice-President of the Gujarat State
T h e District Branch organised "World Branch of the Indian Conference of Social
Health Organisation Day" on the 7th April Work and Shri G. F. Mankodi, the Commis-
1961 under the chairmanship of Civil sioner of the Rajkot Division of Gujarat.
Surgeon Dr. S. M. Dave. T h e theme was
"Accidents and their prevention".
Number of District Branches and their
office addreses :
The Kutch District Branch celebrated the
Social Welfare Day and discussed T h e Role
1. Surat District Branch :
of Voluntary Social Workers for Social
Shri R. T. Popawala, President,
Welfare with special reference to the T h i r d
Indian Conference of Social Work,
Five Year Plan, under the presidentship of
District Branch,
Shri P. K. Vora, the District Executive
Soni Falia, Surat.
Engineer of the Government Public Works
2. Dang District Branch :
Department. T h e meeting was well attended
Shri Dhirubhai Mistry, Secretary,
by government officers and other local
Indian Conference of Social Work,
District Branch,
Smt. Hansaben Mehta, Vice-President of
C / o . Collector, Dang District,
the Gujarat State Branch, addressed nearly
Ahwa, Dang.
500 ladies that attended a women's gathering
3. K u t c h District Branch :
on the 3rd June 1961. Also, she addressed
Shri J. H. T h a k u r , Hon. General
an Education Conference organised by the
District Branch along with the Educational
Indian Conference of Social Work,
Department, Kutch, and the Lalan College,
District Branch,
Bhuj, in which primary and secondary
C / o . District Shelter,
teachers, professors of the local college,
Soniwad, Bhuj, Kutch.
members of the District Branch and a number
of educationists participated.
4. Broach District Branch :
Rajkot District Branch held a meeting of
Smt. P. K. Kamakaka, H o n . General
the representatives of the Social Welfare
Institutions on the 13th December 1960. T h e
Indian Conference of Social Work,
meeting was addressed by His Excellency
District Branch,
Nawab Mehdi Nawaz J u n g who is also the
C / o . J. D. Vakil,
President of the State Branch of the Indian
Sanitary Museum Hall, Broach.
Conference of Social Work. T h e meeting
5. Mehsana District Branch :
was well-attended.
An active cooperation was given by the
Indian Conference of Social Work,
District Branch of the Indian Conference of
District Branch,
Social Work to the local offices of the Social
C / o . Sarvodaya Ashram,
Welfare Department of the Government in
Valani, Mehsana ( N . G . ) .
the celebration of the Social Welfare Week
6. J a m n a g a r District Branch :
in February 1961.
Shri Dushyantbhai Pandya,
A meeting of the representatives of the
Hon. General Secretary,
Social Welfare Institutions of the city was
Indian Conference of Social Work,

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
District Branch,
C / o . Faculty of Social Work,
Vividhlaxi High School,
M. S. University of Baroda,
Post Box No. 99, Jamnagar.
7. Amreli District Branch :
14. Kaira District Branch :
Shri Arvindbhai Mehta, Secretary,
Indian Conference of Social Work,
Indian Conference of Social Work,
District Branch,
District Branch,
T h e Collector's Office,
Office of the K. D. D. Board,
Nadiad ( K a i r a ) .
15. Mithapur City Branch :
8. Sabarkantha District Branch :
Shri C. P. Thacker, General Secretary,
Indian Conference of Social Work,
Indian Conference of Social Work,
Mithapur, City Branch,
District Branch,
Mithapur ( O k h a M a n d a l ) .
T h e Collector's Office,
16. Panchmahal District Branch :
Himatnagar (Sabarkantha District).
9. Surendranagar District Branch :
Indian Conference of Social Work,
Smt. Arunaben Desai, President,
District Branch,
Indian Conference of Social Work,
T h e Collector's Office,
District Branch,
C / o . Vikas Vidyalaya,
W a d h w a n City.
10. Ahmedabad District Branch :
Started in January 1948 the Madras State
Smt. Sunandaben Vohra, Secretary,
Branch of the Indian Conference of Social
Indian Conference of Social Work, Work has done solid work all through the
District Branch,
years holding Conferences, Seminars, Sym-
5, Mahavir Society,
posiums and meetings and providing a plat-
form for discussing matters connected with
11. Junagadh District Branch :
Social Welfare. T h e first president of the
Shri Kanakbhai Desai, Secretary,
Conference was Lady Nye, and Mrs. M.
Indian Conference of Social Work, Clubwala Jadhav, M.L.C. continues to be
District Branch,
the Hon. Secretary ever since the inception
Dewan Chawk, Junagadh.
of the Branch.
12. Rajkot District Branch :
This was the first Branch to be started
Shri K. A. Sheth, H o n . General after the formation of the National Con-
ference of Social Work in 1947 at Bombay.
Indian Conference of Social Work, T h e object of the Conference was to provide
District Branch,
a. forum for discussion of problems of common
C h a n d r a Mahal, Street No. 1, interest and exchange of views and experience.
M a n h a r Plot,
T h e present Hon. Patron of the Con-
ference is His Excellency the Governor of
13 Baroda District Branch :
Madras, while the Chairman is the Hon'ble
Dr. Mrs. Ammuben Mazumdar,
Sri C. Subramaniam, Minister for Finance
Hon. General Secretary,
and Education, Government of Madras.
Indian Conference of Social Work, Mrs. R u t h Morris continues to be the
District Branch,
Hon. Treasurer of the Conference,

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 2 9
T h e Office of the Indian Conference of
T h e objectives were kept up throughout
Social Work is located in the Secretary's the years and efforts were made to achieve
residence free of rent. It has only a paid one object after the other. T h e Conference
Steno-Typist and all other work is voluntary. had all along been a co-ordinating body of
So far nine Conferences have been held: —
Social Welfare Agencies and has entrusted
Madras . . 1948
some of its work to the Guild of Service
(Central) to undertake starting of Informa-
Coimbatore . . 1949
tion Bureau, serving as a Meeting Place and
M a d u r a i . .. 1950
Forum for small Conference and Seminars,
Vijayawada . . 1951
Research Work etc.
Vellore . . 1953
Salem . . 1954
We may claim as the off-shot of these
Kozhikode . . 1955
decisions the outcome of the Guild of Service
Madras . . 1956
Information Bureau, giving information on
Madurai . . 1959
Social Welfare subjects and activities and the
T h e National Conference of Social Work issue of News Sheet from time to time, the
was formed in Bombay and in December 1948 starting of Seva Samajam Boys' and Girls'
the conference was held in Madras.
Homes which cater to the destitute and
There were no separate Conferences in the orphan children, the Mohite Playground
year 1952 and 1957, as the Sixth Inter-
which serves the delinquent, the founding of
national Conference of Social Work and the Bala Vihar for Boys and Girls and Juvenile
National Conference were held in Madras in Guidance Bureau for the mentally retarded
1952 and the Decennial Session of the children, the organising of U r b a n Welfare
National Conference was held in 1957 at Extension Project where Youth Welfare
Madras. Madras played host to the Inter-
Centre forms part of the Scheme, the starting
national Conference meeting for the first of Nursery Schools and Creches for children,
time in the East and earned a name for itself. the opening of Medical Centres and Mobile
Before going into details of the activities Dispensary, and visits to Hospitals to look
of the Indian Conference of Social Work after the welfare of patients, and last but
during the last two years, it would be worth-
not the least the starting of the Madras
while if we look back to the year 1948 when School of Social Work to train professional
the Madras State Branch of the Conference social workers at a post-graduate level.
was formed. A reference to the Minutes of Further, short-term courses of training to
a Meeting of the Provincial Conference of voluntary social workers are given by the
Social Work, October 28th may, 1948 reveals Guild of Service on behalf of the Conference
that the following were the aims of the and surveys and Projects are undertaken.
Conference: —
T h e State Branch of the Conference acts
1. Starting of an Information Bureau.
as a Co-ordinating agency of social welfare
2. Starting of a Home for the Destitute organisations and has been recognised as
their representative to voice forth the needs
3. Starting of a Home for the Mentally of Welfare Organisations. In various con-
Backward Children.
ferences, important subjects on Social Welfare
4. Scheme for Youth Welfare Centre.
are discussed and resolutions are passed and
5. Starting of a Mobile Dispensary.
recommendations are made and submitted to
6. Starting of a Training School of Social the Government and other concerned bodies
for implementation. T h e conference has not

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 3 0
failed in playing its part in connection with
There was also a Panel on "Social Policy
the legislation passed by Government in recent
for India" with the Hon'ble Sri C.
years. T h e outcome is that many of its re-
Subramaniam as Chairman. There were 3
solutions and recommendations made at these Sub-Committees which dealt with:
conferences have been carried o u t :
1. Social Work in the Third Plan.
IX Annual Conference
2. Training Programme for Social Work
At the invitation of Social Workers in
at various levels.
Madurai, the Ninth Annual Conference of
3. Cause and Prevention of Suicides.
Social Work was held on 17th, 18th and 19th
Mr. A. V. John, I.G. of Prisons,
April 1959 at Madurai. T h e Guild of Service Trivandrum, conducted a Workshop Meet-
at Madurai organised itself into a Reception ing on "Penal Administration".
Committee headed by Mrs. R a d h a Papers were presented at the Conference
Thyagarajan Chettiar as Chairman with a by Mrs. V. T. Lakshmi, Mr. S. R.
representative Committee of eminent citizens Venkataraman, Mrs. Pushpam Natarajan,
and with Dr. K. S. Krishnan and Mr. J. Mrs. Mandakini Krishnamurthi, Rev.
Eddy as H o n . Secretaries. Various Com-
Mother Raphel of K u m b a k o n a m , M r . R. M.
mittees were formed to look after the Mahadevan, D.I.G. of Police, C.I.D. and
comforts of delegates.
Railways, Rev. Mother of the Deaf and
T h e Conference was held in the lovely Hall D u m b School, Priory, Teynampet, Madras,
of the Thyagarajan College and Mrs. R a d h a T h e Principal, Blind School, Palayamcottah
Thyagarajan welcomed the. delegates warmly and Rev. Fr. Arulappa. Smt. Ambujammal
in a fine speech. T h e Hon'ble Sri C. had prepared an excellent paper on " T h e
Subramaniam presided over the Conference Physically H a n d i c a p e d " and as she could not
and the Hon'ble Mr. M. Bhakthavatsalam, attend the Conference, her paper was read by
Home Minister, inaugurated the session. Mrs. V. T. Lakshmi. Shri A. S. P. Aiyar,
Both the Ministers paid high tributes to the Retd. High Court Judge, presided over the
work of the Conference and what it had Sub-Committee Meeting on "Causes and
achieved since its inception.
Prevention of Suicides" and made very valu-
Quite a large number of delegates attended able contribution. Mrs. Nellie H a r t m a n of the
the sessions and a large number of delegates T C M presided over the Sub-Committee on
from Madras the Districts of Cuddalore, "Training Programme of Social Workers".
Tanjore, Tiruchirapalli, Kumbakonam, The delegates participated in these discus-
R a m a n a t h a p u r a m , Karaikudi. Tuticorim and sions and contributed much to the success of
Salem were there.
the Conference.
T h e Conference was divided into Sections
T h e closing session was presided over by
and important subjects on Social Welfare Sri P. T. Rajan, the Doyan of Madurai
were discussed and recommendations were District and a great parliamentarian.
arrived at.
T h e Guild of Service, R a m a n a t h a p u r a m
Section I. "Social Legislation—Chair-
gave a T e a party and Mrs. Thyagarajan gave
m a n : Sri P. T. Rajan.
a delightful Dinner Party to the President and
Section I I . "Family Welfare Service"— Delegates. The delegates had an excursion to
Chairman: Sri S. R. Venkataraman.
the Vaigai D a m where they had a picnic.
Section I I I . "Service for the Physically
If the Ninth Annual Conference of Social
H a n d i c a p p e d " — C h a i r m a n : Smt. R a d h a Work was a success, it was due to Mrs. R a d h a
Thyagarajan and her band of workers and

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 3 1
the Conference's grateful thanks are due to
Col. N. Vasudeva Rao,
Sri S. R. Venkataraman and
T h e Proceedings and Resolutions of the
Mrs. H. P. Krishnamurthi represented
Conference were submitted to the Govern-
G. O. S. ( C e n t r a l ) .
ment of Madras for implementation and in
Shri B. Gopala Reddi, Minister for Central
this connection a deputation headed by Shri Revenue and Civil Expenditure (now
P. T. Rajan consisting of Mrs. M. Clubwala Minister for Works, Housing and Supply)
Jadhav, Mrs. V. T. Lakshmi, Col. N. Government of India, was elected as the
Vasudeva Rao and Mr. K. N. George met President of the National Conference and
t h e Home Minister, Mr. M. Bhakthavatsalam,
Mrs. M. Clubwala Jadhav, Hon. Secretary
on 19th February 1960 and pressed for the of the Madras State Branch, was re-elected
immediate formation of separate police units as Hon. Gen. Secretary of the National Con-
in the city and districts to be in charge of ference. The Madras delegates contributed
the vigorous implementation of the existing much to the success of the National
legislation relating to women, children and Conference.
beggars. They also stressed the need for the
Mrs. Kothari and Mr. S. R. Venkataraman
opening of more institutions for the various have attended all the meetings of the National
types of beggars, physically and mentally Executive Committee.
handicapped and diseased ones. They im-
Social Welfare Day 1960:
pressed on the Minister of the immediate
T h e Madras State Branch celebrated the
necessity for instituting a well-planned follow-
Social Welfare Day on 24th February 1960,
up and rehabilitation programme for the Dr. U. Krishna Rao, Speaker of the Legisla-
institutional beggars. In this connection, they tive Assembly, presided. A Symposium on
commended the importance of close co-
"Co-ordination—Its Role in the sphere of
ordination of the Employment Exchange Social Welfare Administration" was con-
with the Care Institutions. T h e Deputation ducted. Mr. Arthur L. Funk, Cultural
also requested the Minister to allot adequate Affairs Officer of the U.S.I.S., contributed a
funds for the various schemes placed before Paper on 'General Problems and Possibilities
him. T h e Minister was kind enough to assure in the Field of Co-ordination and Welfare
the deputation to give due consideration to Activities.' Sri S. R. Venkataraman,
all the points discussed.
Secretary of the Servants of India Society,
The Eleventh Annual Conference at
presented a Paper on "Co-ordination of
Governmental and Non-Governmental
T h e Eleventh National Conference of Agencies", while Prof. J. B. Lightman,
Social Work was held in Hyderabad in T.C.M. Consultant, attached to the Madras
December 1959 and the Madras State Branch School of Social Work, dealt on 'Co-ordina-
sent a larger contingent of delegates. From tion among Voluntary Organisations, in a
Madras there were about 97 Delegates and thought-provoking paper. This was followed
Observers. A Seminar on U r b a n Community by a discussion which was very useful.
Development was also conducted at the same
In order that the proceedings of the
time at Hyderabad. T h e Madras State Seminar may serve the wider public, the
Representatives on the Central Executive Madras State Branch has brought out the
Committee of the Indian Conference of Proceedings in a Booklet Form. The Madras
Social Work are:
State Branch believes that holding of such
Mrs. D. C. Kothari,
Seminars and Symposiums on very and vital

3 3 2
A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
problems will enlighten the public and make National Seminar on Public Co-operation at
them interested in social welfare problems.
Indian Institute of Public Administration:
T h e National Conference of Social Work
conducted a National Seminar on 'Public Co-
On 25th March 1960 Mrs. M. Clubwala operation for Social Welfare with special
Jadhav, Hon. Secretary of the M a d r a s State reference to the Third Five-Year Plan' at
Branch, participated in a Conference held Chandigarh (Punjab) from November 25th
under the Indian Institute of Public Admini-
to December 1, 1960 and representatives of
stration between Government and Non-
the Madras State Branch participated in the
Government Organisations in the field of Seminar. A paper on "Grant-in-Aid and
Social Work.'
Field Counselling" was presented by Shri
Reception to Mr. Gopala Reddi, President of S. R. Venkatraman, Hon. Associate Secretary
the National Conference:
of the Madras State Branch. Prof. J. B.
T h e Madras State Branch held a reception Lightman, Consultant on Social Work Edu-
to meet Shri B. Gopala Reddi, President of cation, U. S. and T C M . Visiting Professor
the National Conference on his first visit of the Madras School of Social Work,
to Madras after election as President on presented on the 'Role of Volunteer Social
25th June 1961, at the Guild of Service Leaders' which was very m u c h appreciated.
Information Bureau. Shri B. Gopala Reddi T h e Hon. Secretary of the M a d r a s State
praised the work of the State Branch and the Branch who is also the Hon. Gen. Secretary
Social Workers of his State at this Reception. of the National Conference, attended the
Seminar and participated in the deliberations.
Shri C. Subramaniam's visit to U.K.:
T h e Chairman of the Madras State Branch
The International Conference of Social Work,
and the Minister for Finance and Education
of the Madras Government, on an invitation
Mr. K. N. George, Director of the Madras
by the U.K. Government, visited the United School of Social Work, was one of the four
Kingdom in October 1960 and observed delegates chosen by the Indian Conference of
social welfare activities in other countries Social Work to represent India at this Con-
among other things. On his return, the ference. He participated in the deliberations
Indian Conference of Social Work arranged of the conference and brought credit to the
a Reception for him presided over by His Conference.
Grace the Archbishop of M a d r a s on Silver Jubilee of the Tata Institute of Social
16th November 1960. Shri C. Subramaniam
spoke on this occasion on the impression of
his visit to U.K. and the social welfare
In a Symposium conducted by the T a t a
Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay, on
activities carried on there.
'Correctional Work', the H o n . Secretary of
The Annual Conference of the Kerala State the Madras State Branch, Mrs. M.
Clubwala Jadhav, participated and read a
T h e Kerala State Branch of the Indian Paper.
Conference of Social Work held its Annual
Conference in September-October 1960 and Social Welfare Day 1961:
Mrs. M. Clubwala Jadhav, the Hon.
T h e Social Welfare Day was celebrated on
Secretary of the Branch, participated in this 2nd March 1961 under the Chairmanship of
Conference and presided over a Section on Shri C. Subramaniam, Minister for Finance.
"Co-ordination on Social Welfare".
T h e Theme for the Day was "Role of Social

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
Workers for Social Welfare with special ing for Dr. Everett Clinchy, Director of
reference to the T h i r d Five-Year Plan" and International Tensions on 20th M a r c h 1961
"Mobilising Resources for Social Welfare for over which Dr. A. Lakshmanaswami
T h i r d Plan". T h e function was held in the Mudaliar, Vice-Chancellor of the Madras
Rajaji Hall and was largely attended by University, presided.
social workers. Shri C. Subramaniam, who Shri C. Subramaniam's visit to U.S.A.:
presided on the occasion, spoke on " T h e
Shri C. Subramaniam, our Chairman,
Resources of the T h i r d Plan with special visited U.S.A. at the invitation of the U.S.
reference to Madras State". His was an Government and he took the opportunity to
informative and illuminating talk and in the visit Russia, Canada, Japan and Singapore.
course of his talk he pointed out how A Reception was organised by the Conference
necessary it was to get Foreign Aid for the on his return on 13th August presided over
Third Five-Year Plan.
by Dr. Thomas W. Simons, American Consul
Prof. J. B. Lightman, Consultant on Social General.
Work Education, attached to the Madras Organisations Run by the Madras State
School of Social Work, speaking on "Train-
Branch of the Indian Conference of Social
ing Programmes", praised the Indian Con-
ference of Social Work for stimulating
T h e Madras School of Social Work, the
interest in the plan for arranging study and Pilot Welfare Project (Urban) at Chetput
discussions to enlighten citizens on National Thangal and the Juvenile Guidance Bureau
Planning. He said that emphasis should be are turning out excellent work and separate
placed on training volunteer workers ready reports on their working are attached.
to work in any setting. This requires a selec-
Grants from the Madras Government:
tion and participation of welfare volunteers
O u r thanks are due to the M a d r a s Govern-
who can readily adapt to new situations. He ment for their sustained support and recogni-
said that their role as social leaders became tion of the good work done by the Con-
a crucially guiding one on behalf of a given ference. The Government have been kind
welfare programme.
enough to give us the grants of Rs. 2,000
Citing the importance of a n ' adequate a year for the years 1959-60, 1960-
training programme for social workers, 61. Our grateful thanks to the Government
Professor Lightman pointed out that the and other officials.
dearth of trained personnel was the main
cause for non-implementation of some major Tenth Annual State Conference of Social
welfare schemes, envisaged in the Five-Year
Plan. T h e Professor stressed the need for
T h e T e n t h Annual State Conference of
welfare workers also to take a course in social Social Work of the Madras State Branch was
observation and social field work.
held at Madras from 25th to 27th of August,
Mr. K. Subramaniam, I.A.S., Dy. 1961 under the Chairmanship of Mr.
Secretary, Rural Development Department, C Subramaniam, Minister for Finance,
Government of Madras, spoke on 'Social Government of Madras, Shri B. Gopala
Welfare for Planning'.
Reddi, Minister for Works, Supply and
Housing inaugurated the Conference. His
Reception to Dr. Everett R. Clinchy:
Excellency the Governor presided over the
T h e Madras State Branch, jointly with the Inaugural function. T h e theme of the Con-
Madras Junior Chambers, arranged a meet-
ference was 'New Frontiers of Social

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
Welfare'. T h e following subjects were constituted in connection with the Third Five-
discussed at the Conference and resolutions Year Plan and her Committee's Report was
and recommendations were arrived at—
commended by the Planning Commission.
Section I: National Social Service for
Further, when International visitors came
to Madras, the Indian Conference of Social
Section I I : New Social Welfare Pro-
Work arranged their programme and visits
grammes in the Third Five-year Plan and
along with the Guild of Service ( C e n t r a l ) .
International Resources for Social T h e Madras Branch takes every opportu-
nity to render service to the Community and
Section I I I : Non-Institutional Services for the Assam Flood Relief it helped with
for Children.
collections. During the rain havoc in
Madras, the Indian Conference of Social
Panel I : Workers' Education.
Work rose to the occasion and arranged
Panel II : Social Welfare through
relief work and distributed food packets to
Panchayati R a j .
the homeless in the Chetput T h a n g a l locality,
Sub-Committee I: "Development of a for several days.
Cadre of Social Workers".
Sub-Committee I I : "Broad Criteria and
T h e State Branch participants in the work
Methods of Programme Evaluation".
of the Guild of Service, Indian Council of
O n e hundred forty-eight delegates and 35 Child Welfare, Social and Rural Hygiene
Observers attended the Conference from the Association, U r b a n Welfare Project, Chetput
City and Districts. T h e r e were also Thangal and Madras School of Social Work.
fraternal delegates.
There were also Receptions and Entertain-
T h e Madras State Branch of Social Work
ments and visits to institutions.
wishes to place its thanks on record to the
Guild of Service ( C e n t r a l ) , M a d r a s School
During the year Mrs. Mcclean Clerk of Social Work for the use of their vans, to
enrolled herself as a Life Member of the the Information Bureau for the use of their
Hall for holding meetings. T h e thanks of the
T h e Madras State Branch of the Indian Conference are due to the Chairman, for his
Conference of Social Work co-ordinates with abiding interest in the Conference, to the
other Agencies in carrying out social welfare H o n . Treasurer Mrs. R u t h Morris, H o n .
programmes. Last year it joined other orga-
Associate Secretaries and Members for their
nisations in organising the All-India Women's co-operation.
Conference, and the Indian Conference of The late Dr. U. Krishna Rau:
Social work was in charge of the entertain-
Before conclusion I cannot but mention
ments connected with the Conference.
about the serious loss that our M a d r a s Branch
T h e State Conference has been asked from has incurred in the demise of one close
time to time to meet the Expert Committees associate Dr. U. Krishna R a u , Speaker of
and give evidence on Co-ordination on Social the Madras Legislative Assembly, in July this
Welfare and Mrs. Jadhav, the Hon.Secretary, year. He was closely associated with our
has been doing so.
conference from its inception and was the
Mrs. Jadhav, H o n . Secretary of the Branch Vice-Chairman of the M a d r a s Branch till his
was a member of the Working Branch of death. He was a tower of strength to the
T h i r d Five-Year Plan and the Chairman of conference. His loss has created a big void
the Sub-Committee on Social Defence that could never be filled. He was an ardent

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 3 5
social worker and a cheerful participant in member Mr. Allen Currimbhoy. We also lost
all the conferences—both State as well as 2 more members, Miss Perin Nariman who
was actively interested in the work of the
A condolence resolution was passed at a Branch from its inception and Rev. P. P.
meeting held under the auspices of all the Gorde who was conducting Malwadi Leprosy
Social Welfare Associations in the Rajaji Hall clinic at Miraj.
T h e Annual General Meeting was held on
3rd December, 1960, when Prof. P. A. Wadia
T h e Indian Conference of Social Work took the chair in the absence of the President,
strives its best to be of service to the Mrs. Zarina Currimbhoy. T h e Report and
community at large by taking up and Audited Statement of Accounts and the
implementing social welfare programmes and Balance Sheet for the year ending 31st March,
in this, we are very glad, we have the 1960 were approved and adopted. Messrs.
co-operation and support of Government and B. P. G h a r d a & Co. were re-appointed
non-Governmental agencies. We are a co-
auditors. T h e meeting then unanimously
ordinating agency pooling out various elected Smt. Gulestan R. B. Billimoria the
resoures and channelling them for the welfare President for the years 1960-61 and 1961-62.
of our State. In this work, we hope the An Executive Committee consisting of the
Government would fully utilise our service by following members was also elected.
giving us more and more schemes during the Executive Committee and Office-bearers:
Third Five-Year Plan period and thus be of
Dr. Jal F. Balsara, Smt. Sheroo N.
service to the country at large.
Billimoria, Smt. Zarina Currimbhoy, Shri
Sapur F. Desai, Shri Maneck J. Gazdar,
Prof. V. B. K a m a t h , Shri M. A. Moses,
T h e Executive Committee ' of the Smt. Tara Shastri, Miss B. J. Spencer, and
Maharashtra State Branch of the Indian Prof. P. A. Wadia.
Conference of Social Work has pleasure in
T h e meeting resolved to elect Shri S. F.
submitting its Third Annual Report from Desai as a member of the Central Executive
1st April 1960 to 31st M a r c h 1961 and the Committee in the vacancy created by
Audited Statement of Accounts and the Shri Purohit of Baroda. The Annual General
Balance Sheet for the same period.
Meeting was followed by an "At H o m e " to
During the year under report there were members and a talk by Dr. Balsara on
six meetings of the Executive Committee and "Social Welfare in the United Kingdom".
the Annual General Meeting. There are six
At a subsequent meeting of the Executive
District Branches and one is about to be Committee Smt. Kusum Wankhede,
formed at Sholapur. T h e number of District Kum. Prema Jivandas and Shri M. Parikh
Branches is smaller than last year as some of were co-opted on the Executive Committee.
the District Branches of the old Bombay Prof. P. A. Wadia, Prof. V. B. Kamath and
State have fallen within the jurisdiction of Shri K. A. Gafoor were elected Vice-
the newly formed Gujarat State.
Presidents, Shri M. J. Gazdar, H o n .
Treasurer and Smt. Sheroo N. Billimoria,
T h e Branch has 21 Life Members, H o n . General Secretary.
63 Institutional members and 120 Ordinary
During the year under report, the State
members. During the year under report we was divided into two new States,
regret to announce the sad demise of our life M a h a r a s h t r a and Gujarat, with the result

3 3 6
A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
that the District Branches of Baroda, Balsaia, Smt. Zarina Currimbhoy, Smt.
J a m n a g a r , .Rajkot and M i t h a p u r ceased to M a n u Desai of the T a t a Institute of Social
the M a h a r a s h t r a State Branch. At a meeting Sciences, Prof. V. B. K a m a t h , Smt. T a r a
of the Executive Committee it had been Shastri of the School of Social Work,
decided to request Smt. Hansaben Mehta, Nirmala Niketan, and Kum. N. B. Sidhva.
Smt. Pushpaben M e h t a , Smt. T a y a l and
Shri Shah to explore possibilities for the
In view of the expenditure involved in
formation of the Gujarat State Branch. T h e conducting this research it was decided to
Central Executive Committee of the Indian apply to the Research Programme Com-
Conference of Social Work was informed mittee of the Planning Commission,
about this resolution. At a later stage, Government of India, for a Grant. We are
namely on 7th August, 1960, the Gujarat pleased to inform members t h a t we have
State Branch was formerly inaugurated by now heard from the Research Programmes
the Governor of Gujarat. In view of this Committee of the Planning Commission t h a t
bifurcation it was resolved to rename the they have approved of our project and sanc-
Bombay State as the M a h a r a s h t r a State tioned a sum of Rs. 5,000/-. In connection
Branch of the Indian Conference of Social with the Project, the Committee has
appointed K u m . Bharati Sheth, a trained
As a result of bifurcation the Government Social worker of the School of Social Work,
representative on our Executive Committee Nirmala Niketan as the Research Worker.
Shri K. A. Gafoor, was transferred to
Urban Community Development.—On a
Osmanabad as a Collector of t h a t District. suggestion made by the Slum Clearance
T h e State Branch joined the Indian Con-
Committee of the Indian Conference of
ference of Social Work in giving a send-off Social Work, that the Branch should under-
to Shri K. A. Gafoor.
take an U r b a n Community Project in
Bombay City, the Executive Committee
Research Project.—In January 1960 a appointed a Sub-Committee to report on the
Sub-Committee was appointed by the then feasibility of the proposal. Subsequently, the
Bombay State Branch to consider a letter President and the Secretaries met the
received from the Ministry of Education, Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Social
Government of India, regarding Research Welfare, Government of M a h a r a s h t r a , who
Projects in Social Welfare t h a t could be informed the deputation t h a t they had
undetaken under the T h i r d Five-Year Plan. referred the m a t t e r of U r b a n Community
T h e Sub-Committee's report indicating prio-
Development Projects to the Bombay
rities in the various fields of Social Welfare Municipal Corporation. On a visit by the
for Research Projects was submitted to the President arid the Secretaries of the Branch
Government. Arising out of this report, the to the Deputy Municipal Commissioner, the
Executive Committee decided to undertake former were informed t h a t 3 sites h a d been
a Research Project, namely, "A follow-up selected by the Municipality for U r b a n
study of Institutionalised Women with a Community Projects. They were requested
view to determining whether their adjust-
to visit the sites and submit a scheme for
ment has been effective". This study was to a particular site where the Branch could
be undertaken under the supervision of a work. T h e y were further informed t h a t the
Committee consisting of Smt. Gulestan Municipality were prepared to spend a sum
Billimoria, Smt. Sheroo Billimoria, Dr. Jal of Rs. 15,000/- for the schemes.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
T h e Secretaries visited the sites and Social Welfare Education, U.S., T . C . M .
selected one situated at A r t h u r R o a d off Expert, to meet the members of the Execu-
Tardeo Junction where the Municipality had
tive Committee and members of the Central
constructed new tenements for people Executive Committee of the Indian Con-
affected by the Slum Clearance Scheme. ference of Social Work.
Thereupon an application was made by the
Social Welfare Week.—Departing from the
Branch of the Municipal Corporation sub-
usual practice of just celebrating the Social
mitting a detailed scheme with a budget for Welfare Day, this year the Branch with the
one year. An application on the same lines help of and in collaboration with the U.S.I.S.,
was at the same time submitted to the planned a Social Welfare Week. The
Central Social Welfare Board. We are glad inauguration of the Social Welfare Week by
to inform members t h a t the Bombay Shri Gopala Reddy, President of the I.C.S.W.,
Municipal Corporation has approved the took place on Saturday 11th February, 1961,
scheme and we are now awaiting the sanction when Shri D. P. Oleksiw, Director, U.S.I.S.
of the grant before proceeding further.
presided. This was followed by a film show
Next Sessions of the Indian Conference of when three very interesting films on social
Social Work.—On a request from the Indian welfare screened.
Conference of Social Work to hold the next
On the occasion of the Social Welfare Day,
sessions in Bombay, the Committee expressed i.e., on 20th February the Branch organised
its willingness to hold the same at a Brains Trust on "Social Welfare and Third
Aurangabad, as the Aurangabad District Five-Year Plan". T h e panel was composed
Branch was prepared to organise the same. of Dr. Efimenco of the U.S.I.S. as the
Subsequently, however, the I.C.S.W., in-
Question Master, Shri P. G. Gavai, Director
formed the Branch that they had accepted of Social Welfare, Dr. R. C. Cooper,
Delhi's invitation.
Economist, Shri Dawood, Educationist and
Functions and Meetings.—In July 1960, Prof. V. B. K a m a t h , Director of Labour
some of the members of the Executive Welfare School. It was an interesting meeting
Committee h a d an opportunity of meeting well attended by our members. This meeting
Dr. Narvane, Minister of Social Welfare, was followed by screening of films on
Government of M a h a r a s h t r a , at an informal interesting social welfare problems. On
gathering at Smt. Zarina Currimbhoy's subsequent days, i.e., on 21st, 23rd and 24th
residence. T h e Social Welfare Minister was February, 1961 two film shows were organised
acquainted with some of the activities of the per day, at the U.S.I.S. All the films were
very interesting and absorbing. T h a n k s to the
On 20th January, 1961, the M a h a r a s h t r a co-operation extended by the U.S.I.S. the
State Branch and the Bombay State whole week was a success.
Women's Council jointly celebrated the
Talks and Technical Advice.—Shir K. A.
India Plan Week by organising a talk by Gafoor, Vice-President, State Branch, visited
Smt. Gulestan Billimoria on Social Welfare the Aurangabad District Branch and
and T h i r d Five-Year Plan followed by addressed a meeting of social workers. Kum.
screening of films by the Publicity Depart-
N. B. Sidhwa gave a talk to a delegation of
ment, of the Government of India. On Girl Guides who left for U.K. on the activities
9th February 1961, Mrs. Gulestan Billimoria, of the State Branch. Kum. Sidhwa continued
the President invited to tea at the P. V. M. as a technical adviser to the Bombay State
Gymkhana, Prof. Lightman, Consultant on Women's Council Rescue Home.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
Finances.—We would like to draw the Institution for placing their premises at our
attention of our members to the finances of disposal for meetings of the Branch.
the State Branch. T h e Branch started with an
District Branches:
opening balance of Rs. 8,399.62. During the
T h e Maharashtra State Branch has six
year its income was only Rs. 1,615,89 and the District Branches and one is about to be form-
expenditure was Rs. 5,530.93, leaving a deficit
ed at Sholapur. T h e number of District
of Rs. 3,915, which was met from the opening Branches is smaller than last year as some of
balance. Thus, the balance to its credit at the District Branches of old Bombay State are
the end of the financial year is only Rs. 4,484. now within the jurisdiction of the newly form-
Partly the deficit is due to the fact that during
ed Gujarat State. T h e District Branches of
the year, we did not receive any grant from Aurangabad, Bhir, Nanded, Osmanabad,
the Government, nor from the I.C.S.W. Parbhani, and Kolhapur continue under the
towards the salary of the Executive Secretary. new Maharashtra State Branch.
If the same state of affairs continue we shall Bhir District Branch:
practically exhaust the limited funds which
we have at our disposal for the present. T h e
T h e Bhir District Branch continues its
annual income from our membership fees is active work in Child Education. T h r e e
roughly Rs. 1,300, while the expenditure even Balwadis are conducted at 3 different villages.
with the most economic handling amounts to All the 3 Balwadis are recognised by the
over Rs. 5,500. Thus, at the end of the Director of Social Welfare, Maharashtra
coming official year we may have no balance State.
to show. It is necessary, therefore, that serious
Balwadi for Scheduled Castes at Bhir.—A
effort should be made to ensure the financial Balwadi for Harijan Children was opened at
stability of the Branch.
Bhir during the year 1958-59. It has a
strength of 40 children. Every morning the
Thanks.—The Branch takes this opportu-
children are given hot water bath and clean
nity for placing on record its sense of habits are taught to them. They are also given
appreciation of the invaluable services uniforms. Children are given free milk every
rendered by Smt. Currimbhoy during the day and once a week, they are given
tenure of her office. She took a personal and refreshments. The Balwadi has Montessory
parental interest in the affairs of the Branch equipment and is managed by a lady teacher.
and through her efforts secured for the Branch
This Balwadi is located in a building owned
financial support without which it would have by the Branch.
been difficult to carry on the work of the
Balwadi for Scheduled Castes Children at
Georai.—This Balwadi for Harijan children
T h e Branch is grateful to the Research was started at Georai on 15th August 1958.
Programmes Committee, Planning Com-
It has a strength of 35 Harijan children and
mission, Government of India, for a grant of is also furnished with montessory euipment.
Rs. 5,000 for its research project.
It is managed by a lady teacher. T h e Balwadi
It is ever so grateful to Prof. P. A. Wadia, is located, in the Community Hall of the town
Vice-President, for allowing it the free use of constructed by the Social Welfare Depart-
his premises and all other facilities for its ment. This Balwadi is run on the same lines
office work.
as at Bhir.
We also take this opportunity to thank the
Balwadi for Scheduled Caste Children at
Directors of the Alexandra Girls' English Kaij.—The Balwadi was opened at Kaij in

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 3 9
November 1958. It has a strength of 30
During the year under report Social Wel-
Harijan children. This Balwadi is also fare D a y was celebrated on 20-2-1961, when
furnished with Montessory euipment. It is a talk on " T h e Role of Voluntary Social
managed by one teacher and two servants Workers for Social Welfare with special
and on the same lines as the Balwadi of Bhir. reference to the T h i r d Five-Year P l a n " was
During this' year children of all the three
Balwadis were medically examined by the
T h e District Branch has been considering
Government Medical Officer and multi-
the possibilities of undertaking such activities
vitamin tablets were supplied free by the as will devolve upon Voluntary organizations
Social Welfare Department. T h e children as a result of Democratic Decentralisation
were also vaccinated.
and establishment of Panchayati R a j . This
Branch hopes to achieve the ideal of a
Osmanabad District Branch:
Sahkari Samaj in t h e rural areas. It is felt
t h a t there will be need for greater technical
This Branch was established in the year assistance and professional help to the
1954 and has since its inception been doing District Councils, Panchayat Samitis and
useful social work in different fields in this Village Panchayats in the promulgation of
District. Among the various social service Social Services Programme and the District
activities this Branch undertook the follow-
Branch will be available for rendering such
ing constructive activities
assistance. A Sub-Committee is proposed to
1. T h e r e being a high incidence of be set up to examine the resources available
leprosy in this area, it was very essential to for mobilisation.
have a clinic for leprosy patients. T h e
District Branch, therefore, undertook the Parbhani District Branch:
construction of a Leprosy Colony consisting
This District Branch is doing useful work
of 14 rooms, with provision for 40 beds at in the field of Social Welfare.
Osmanabad. This clinic has rendered very
Balwadi.—This Branch runs a Balwadi for
useful service. At present there are 25 Harijan children. 40 boys and girls take
patients under treatment. A radio set was advantage of this Balwadi. The age group
presented to this colony by the Branch. This is 3 to 6 years. A competent lady teacher
Colony is now run by the Medical Depart-
runs this Balwadi which is equipped with
ment and the District Medical Officer is now the necessary educational apparatus.
in sole charge. T h e Branch renders such
Sewing Class.—A free sewing class is
assistance as is requested by the inmates.
conducted by the Branch. A large number
2. T h e other useful and constructive of women take advantage of the same and
w o r k was the construction of a Maternity learn a trade to spend their spare time
W a r d in the premises of the Civil Hospital gainfully.
at Osmanabad. This is now in charge of
Talks and Cultural Activities.—Talks on
the Medical Department.
M o r a l and Social Hygiene by Smt.
3. Adult Education Classes.—The
W a h a b u d d i n Ahmed and K u m . K a r a n d e
Branch has started 8 Adult Education classes were organised, when the participation was
in different villages, all of whom are now very good. Some members were inspired by
taken by the Education Department under these talks and have started to work in this
the Social Education Scheme and are field in co-operation with medical and Police
functioning well.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
T h e Annual H a l d i - K u m k u m Competition Hon. Treasurer:
(Rangoli) was organised by the Branch.
Director of Social Welfare Department,
T h e Branch also organised a Charity Show
Government of Mysore, Bangalore.
"Vasant Bahar", in aid of Poona Relief Total Membership in 1961:
F u n d and realised a sum of Rs. 611.88
(a) Individual—29
which was sent to Poona.
(b) Institutional—5
With a view to start a campaign to remove
illiteracy, the Branch as a first step under-
Total Income and Expenditure:
took collection of D a t a of illiterate persons
Rs. 1,406 a n d Rs. 1,090.
in Parbhani City with the help of local
During 1958 Hon'ble Shri Ramakrishna
T h e Branch is making all possible efforts Hegde the then Deputy Minister for Planning
to co-ordinate the work of various Social and Development was elected President
Welfare Agencies.
of the I.C.S.W. in place of R a j a d h a r m a
Prasaktha Shri T. Singaravelu Mudaliar who
resigned owing to personal reasons. There
Names of Office-bearers:
were two meetings of the executive Committee
over which Shri Ramakrishna Hegde presided
a n d was of very great help and guidance to
Hon'ble Shri N. Rachiah,
our Branch.
Minister for Agriculture and Social Welfare,
Government of Mysore, Bangalore.
Hon'ble Shri Ramakrishna Hegde tender-
ed his resignation on 5-9-1959 as the
President of our Branch as he could not find
1. Hon'ble Shri H. C. Linga Reddy,
sufficient time to devote to his work. His
Dy. Minister for Planning and Develop-
resignation was accepted with regret.
ment, Government of Mysore, The membership of the Mysore State
Branch in 1959 was: —
2. Smt. Sudha V. Reddy,
Chairman, Mysore State Social Welfare
Advisory Board, Shankarapuram, Institutional—23.
Hon. Gen. Secretary of the I.C.S.W.:
3. Smt. Evelyn Vaz,
Smt. Mary Clubwala J a d h a v was kind
No. 1, King's Street, Richmond Town, enough to pay a visit on 28-6-1959 and a
meeting of the Executive Committee was
Hon. General Secretary:
held on that day at the Scout Headquarters,
Shri A. N. R a m a Rao,
Bangalore and Smt. Mary Clubwala J a d h a v
"Annapurna", Visweswarapuram,
addressed the Meeting. It was at this
memorable meeting that the Mysore State
Branch was reinvigorated and Hon'ble Shri
Hon. Associate Secretaries:
N. Rachaiah was requested kindly to accept
1. Shri M. Jaya Seelan
the Presidentship of our Branch. Hon'ble
2. Smt. K. V. Bharathi Bai.
Shri Rachaiah conceded our request and

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 4 1
accepted the Presidentship of our State Iyer, Hon. Treasurers of I.C.S.W. attended
the Conference held at Hyderabad and took
T h e Executive Committee met three times active p a r t in the Workshop meetings, etc.
and transacted very important business.
Shri A. N. R a m a R a o was elected to the
Hon'ble President presided over all the meet-
Central Executive Committee and also to
ings and conducted the deliberations. T h e the Working Committee of the I.C.S.W.
attendance was good.
Smt. Sudha Reddi, Chairman, Mysore State
State Session of the Indian Conference of Social Welfare Board, Shri R. Bharanaiah,
Social Work was convened on 11-9-1959, and Shri T. V. Ramachandra Iyer were
His Excellency Shri V. V. Giri, the then elected to the Central Executive Committee.
Governor of U . P . presided. Hon'ble Shri N.
Rachaiah, Minister for Agriculture, Excise
Smt. Indira Rao, Assistant Director, Wel-
and Social Welfare delivered the inaugural fare D e p a r t m e n t attended the Seminar held
address and presided over the subject session at Chandigarh in the month of November
of the Conference. T h e r e was an "At H o m e "
1960 on "Public Co-operation for Social
in t h e evening for the delegates to the Con-
Welfare with special reference to the T h i r d
ference. In the afternoon, when Hon'ble Five-Year Plan" as a Government delegate.
Shri N. Rachaiah, presided the following
U n d e r the auspices of the Mysore State
papers were read:—
Branch Smt. Evelyn Vaz one of our Asso-
1. "Child Welfare and Social Work ciate Secretaries was responsible for the
Organisation" by L a d y R a m a n .
starting of Bala V i h a r a M a n d a l i in Sampige
2. "Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act" Halli layout for the benefit of t h e slum
by Shri R. Bharanaiah.
children of t h a t locality with the kind
assistance of Shri V. P. Deenadayalu Naidu,
A number of delegates took p a r t in the Chairman, City Improvement Trust Board.
discussions which were quite lively and It is reported that Bala Vihara Mandali
interesting. T h e Hon'ble Minister concluded is doing good work and serving the
the Session with his inspiring and thoughtful needs of the children of that area.
T h e Mysore State Branch participated in
Before concluding this report we would
the Eleventh National Session of the be failing in our duty if we do not record
the Conference of Social Work held in our grateful thanks to Hon'ble Shri N.
Hyderabad from 27th to 31st December 1959. Rachaiah, Minister for Agriculture, Excise
Smt. B. K. Ambuja has submitted a report and Social Welfare for the very keen interest
about the Hyderabad Session and the several he has evinced in our activities and has been
Social Welfare Institutions she was privileged a source of inspiration and encouragement.
to visit.
O u r thanks are also due to the Government
of Mysore for their generous contribution
Shri R. Bharanaiah, the then Director of of Rs. 500 for the State Session of the Indian
Social Welfare and ex-Officio Member of Conference of Social Work held in
our Branch took keen interest in the deli-
September 1959. We owe our thanks to
berations of the Conference and attended Shri R. Bharanaiah, ex-Director, Social
some of the Workshop meetings.
Welfare D e p a r t m e n t for the help and
Shri A. N. R a m a Rao, Honorary General assistance he has shown to t h e Mysore State
Secretary, and Shri T. V. R a m a c h a n d r a Branch,

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
Schedule IX
N a m e of the Public T r u s t :
I n c o m e and Expenditure Account for the
As per our report of even date.
(Sd.) P. C. HANSOTIA & CO.
Chartered Accountants, Auditors,
Dated at Bombay : May 16, 1960,

[ Vide Rule 17 (1) ]
Year ending 31st March, 1960
Registered No. F-321 (BOM)
Rs. nP.
Rs. n P .
By Interest:
On Securities
On Loans
On Bank Account
" Donations in cash or kind
" Grants
" Income from other sources:
Affiliation Fees from Branches
Ordinary Institutional and Corporate Membership Fees
Delegates' Registration Fees
Observers' Registration Fees . . . . . . . . . .
Visiting Registration Fees
Sale of Literature
Rental, etc., from SEARO, Int. S.W
T O T A L Rs.
Hon. Treasurer,

3 4 4
Schedule VIII
N a m e of the Public Trust:
Balance Sheet as

3 4 5
[Vide Rule 17 (1)
at 31st March 1960
Registered No. F-321 (BOM)
Rs. nP. Rs. nP.
I m m o v a b l e Properties: (at cost): .
Balance as per last Balance Sheet .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Nil
I n v e s t m e n t s : (at cost):
3 % Loan 1963-65 (F. V. Rs. 15,000) 15,233.63
31/2% Tax Free T. S. Certificate 5,000.00
4 % Saurashtra Government Loan (F. V. Rs. 5,000) .. 4,984.06
Note:—The Market Value of the above Investment is Rs. 25,000.
Furniture and Fixures:
Balance as per last Balance Sheet .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 6,304.56
Additions during the year . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N i l
(Original cost of fans sold—sale proceeds Rs. 25/-).
Less—Sales during the year .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 144.37
Library: Balance a s per last Balance Sheet . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,178.10
Loans (Secured o r Unsecured) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nil
Amount recoverable re.Tokyo Exhibition Expenses .. .. .. .. 258.65
Rent Deposit 258.00
Telephone Deposit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00
Income Outstanding:
Grants receivable . . . . . 5,000.00
Cash and Bank Balances:
(a) I n Current Account . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . —
(b) With a Trustee .. .. —
(c) With the Manager 14.59
TOTAL Rs. 40,117.22
The above Balance Sheet to the best of my/our belief contains a true account of the Funds and Liabilities
and of the Property and Assets of the Trust.
Honorary Treasurer,
, Trustee.

3 4 6
Schedule IX
N a m e of the Public T r u s t :
I n c o m e and Expenditure Account for the
T O T A L R s . . .
As per our report of even date.
(Sd.) P. C. HANSOTIA & CO.,
Chartered Accountants, Auditors.
Bated at Bombay: 14th July, 1961.

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
3 4 7
[Vide Rule 17 (1) ]
Year ending 31st March, 1961
Registered No. F-321 (BOM)
T O T A L R s . .
Honorary Treasurer, Trustee,

A N N U A L R E P O R T S 1960 AND 1961
Schedule IX
N a m e of the Public Trust:
Balance Sheet as
T O T A L Rs.
As per our report of even date,
(Sd.) P. C. HANSOTIA & CO.,
Chartered Accountants, Auditors.
Dated at Bombay: 14-7-1961.

3 4 9
[Vide Rule (17)]
at 31st March 1961
Registered No. F-321 (BOM)
T O T A L Rs.
The above Balance Sheet to the best of my/our belief contains a true account of the Funds and Liabilities
and of the Property and Assets of the Trust.
Honorary Treasurer, Trustee.

3 5 0
C E N T R A L E X E C U T I V E C O M M I T T E E O F I C S W F O R 1960 & 1961
Dr. B. Gopala Reddi,
Andhra Pradesh Branch Representatives
Minister for Housing, Works and Supply,
Smt. M u n i Zuhrie,
Government of India, New Delhi.
Smt. R o d a Mistry,
Prof. A. R. Wadia,
Shri N. V. S. Prasada Rao,
T a t a Institute of Social Sciences,
Bihar State Branch Representatives
Bombay 71.
Shri Daroga P. Roy,
Smt. Zarina E. G. Currimbhoy,
Deputy Minister,
Bombay 6.
Government of Bihar,
Shri Janki Pershad, .
Indian Conference of Social Work,
Shri N. N. Sinha,
Indian Conference of Social Work
Patna 4.
Hon. Treasurers
Smt. Sushila Singh,
Dr. Jivraj N. Mehta,
Patna 3.
Chief Minister,
Delhi Branch Representatives
Government of Gujarat,
Ahmedabad 4.
Smt. Manmohini Sehgal,
Shri P. R. Bhatt,
Bombay 4.
Shri M. S. Gore,
Shri Vasudeo Naik,
Delhi School of Social Work
Delhi 6.
Shri P. D. Kulkarni,
Honorary General Secretary
Senior Research Officer,
Smt. Mary Clubwala Jadhav,
Planning Commission,
Madras 31.
Social Welfare Division,
New Delhi.
Honorary Associate Secretaries
Gujarat State Branch Representatives
Smt. A. Wahabuddin Ahmed,
Bombay 1.
Smt. Indira Bhatt,
Smt. Premlata Gupta,
Indian Conference of Social Work,
Ahmedabad 4.
Shri Sutendranath Sen,
Kerala State Branch Representatives
Bombay 2.
Smt. John Matthai,
Past President
Shri Haridas Gordhandas,
Shri V. V. Giri,
Governor of Kerala,
Shri John P. Valavi,

3 5 1
Madras State Branch Representatives
Rajasthan State Branch Representatives
Shri S. R. Venkataraman,
Shri Bheeka Bhai,
Madras 14.
Minister for Irrigation and Ayurved,
Col. N. Vasudeva Rao,
Government of Rajasthan,
Madras 18.
Smt. D. C. Kothari,
Shri Parmanand,
Madras 3 1 .
Director of Social Welfare,
Government of Rajasthan,
Maharashtra State Branch Representatives Jaipur.
Smt. Gulestan R. B. Billimoria,
Smt. Urmila Devi,
Bombay 1.
R a n i Sahiba of Masuda,
Prof. V. B. K a m a t h ,
Bombay 16.
Uttar Pradesh Branch Representatives
Shri S. F. Desai,
Bombay 26.
Dr. R. K. Mukerji,
Mysore State Branch Representatives
J. K. Institute of Sociology and H u m a n
Shri A. N. R a m a Rao,
Bangalore 4.
Shri T. V. R a m a c h a n d r a Aiyar,
Shri N. C. Chaturvedi,
Bangalore 11.
Smt. Sudha Reddy,
Shri Sushil Chandra,
Indian Conference of Social Work,
Mysore State Social Welfare Advisory Board, Lucknow.
Bangalore 4.
West Bengal State Branch Representatives
Orissa State Branch Representatives
Shri Sugata Dasgupta,
Shri P. Pratihari,
Central Institute of Study and Research in
Puri Municipality,
Community Development,
Shri R. K. M a h a p a t r a ,
Prof. P. R. Sen,
Assistant Labour Welfare Officer,
Calcutta 29.
Orissa Textile Mill,
Shri P. K. Biswas,
Special Officer and ex-Officio,
Deputy Secretary to the Government of
West Bengal,
Punjab State Branch Representatives
Home (Jails) Department,
Smt. Mohinder Kaur,
Smt. Harcharan Singh Brar,
President's Nominees
Sarai Naga Village,
Shri S. K. Wankhede,
Ferozepur Dist.
Minister for Finance,
Shri O. P. Mittal,
Govt, of Maharashtra,
Bombay 32.

Shri P. J. Chinmulgund,
Smt. A. M. Muzumdar,
Secretary to the Government of Maharashtra,
Dean, Faculty of Social Work,
Education and Social Welfare Department, M. S. University of Baroda,
Bombay 32.
Baroda 2.
Shri K. A. Gafoor, I.A.S.,
Prof. C. P. Goyal,
Collector of Osmanabad,
Institute of Social Sciences,
Kashi Vidyapith,
Smt. Hansa Mehta,
Ahmedabad 4.
Prof. V. B. K a m a t h ,
Shri A. V. John,
Inspector General of Prisons,
Bombay Labour Institute,
Bombay 12.
Ministry of Education Representatives
Corporate Members' Representatives
Shri N. D. J. Rao,
Smt. H. P. Krishnamurthy,
Deputy Secretary (Social Welfare),
Guild of Service,
Ministry of Education, Government of India,
Madras 8.
New Delhi.
Shri Shewak Bhojraj,
Ministry of Health-Representative
The Advisor on Maternity and Child Welfare,
Directorate-General of Health Services,
Bombay 1.
Ministry of Health,
T h e Executive Director,
New Delhi.
Indian Council for Child Welfare,
New Delhi.
Ministry of Labour and Employment-
T h e Secretary,
Tuberculosis Association of India,
Shri N. S. Mankiker,
New Delhi.
Chief Adviser, Factories,
Ministry of Labour and Employment,
Schools of Social Work Representatives
New Delhi.
Shri N. F. Kaikobad,
Ministry of Community Development and
T a t a Institute of Social Sciences,
Bombay 71. v
Shri M. C. Nanavatty,
Shri S. N. Ranade,
Director, Social Education, Ministry of Com-
Delhi School of Social Work,
munity Development and Co-operation,
Delhi 8.
New Delhi.
T h e Director,
Madras School of Social Work,
Central Social Welfare Board Representative
Madras 8.
Smt. Meenakshi Bakhle, Bombay 1.