# Macros for Usability (I'd like to complain!) package Usability _content_ {


_textaboutusability_ } _pagetitle_{_textaboutusabilitypagetitle_} package Style # override this to include _usabilityscript_ _globalscripts_{ } package Global #override globallinks (in nav_css.dm) to include usability links if needed _globallinks_ {_If_("_cgiargu_" ne "1",_homelink_) _helplink_ _preflink_ _usability_} # set by receptionist to be _usablink_ if needed _usability_ {} _usablink_ {_navtaborig_(_httppageusab_,_linktextusab_,_textdescrusab_)} _httppageusab_ {javascript:usabilityfunction()} # set to _usab_ by receptionist eg _usabmulti_ # type comes from config file (format Usability ), options are # textonly, stepwise, multi _usabinterface_ {} # set to usabshowscript by receptionist if needed _usabilityscript_ {} _httpusabbanner_ {_httpimg_/usabbnr.gif} _usabshowscript_ { //this is for where something goes wrong and an error message has to be shown. function failnicely(message,usabwindow)\{ var errhtml=''; errhtml+='_greenstoneusabilitytext__texterror_'; errhtml+='_usabbanner_'; errhtml+=message; errhtml+='

'; errhtml+=''; usabwindow.document.write(errhtml); usabwindow.document.close(); \} function usabilityfunction()\{ checkusab=window.open("","checkusab","scrollbars=1,toolbars=0,height=600,width=420"); //set up the window var winhtml=''; winhtml += '_greenstoneusabilitytext_'; winhtml += '